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  1. 3l3c7r1c

    How is the public charging situation in north and west of Yellowstone?

    I am driving to Yellowstone from Seattle area by end of June. Now that looks like my R1S may actually arrive by then, I started to think about the charging situation there. So far I can see the last EA charger is at Butte, Montana. After that pretty much no reliable L3 chargers. Inside the part...
  2. 3l3c7r1c

    Rivian's Q3 quarterly loss is expected between $1.18B to $1.28B

    Not that I don't believe they will be successful, but they have a long way to go to prove themselves. 48k reservation number is not that great compared to what Tesla (they got 500k reservation for model 3 on debut with lot lower valuation) and Ford gets as reservation. As hiring is ramping up...