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  1. R1S batching info from guide: another large batch being pushed out early October

    12/18 order here, also in the Bay Area. I have 21" wheels on my order- but I think I've seen some R1S getting delivered with the 21s. Either way I had a messaging exchange with my guide. According to him- everyone should get an updated delivery window by the end of the year. I voiced my...
  2. Took delivery of my R1S at South San Francisco Service Center

    Congrats! I'm in Marin and waiting for the day. I have a Oct-Dec window but hoping it in Oct and not Dec! Almost 4 years of waiting... couple more weeks 🤞
  3. Lots of R1S at San Francisco Service Center

    Glad they're coming in! And here I thought I'd be one of the first... guess I'll just keep waiting
  4. R1S Rear Underside Diffuser - Why Piano Black?!?!

    Its probably gloss black to tie in to the roof gloss black aesthetic. Got to tie it all in so parts don't look random I guess.
  5. Any R1S pre-orders hear from guides recently?

    I'm in Nor Cal not far from SSF SC. Ordered in 2018 and I had a guide in April but I'm waiting for the order confirmation and to start the buying process. I am hoping its going to be any day. Seems like some Oct-Dec are starting to get contacted and a few Aug-Sept have been left behind...
  6. A good day 🙂 It's Time to Begin Your Purchase and Prepare Your R1S Delivery

    I'm thinking about it if it moves me up! Let me know if that changes anything for you. I'm a little tempted to got to the OC interior too
  7. Rivian to offer Binding Purchase Agreements (to help obtain EV tax credit)

    Ya I figured that out. Luckily Rivian sent this new binding purchase agreement out in time and I have signed and saved it. So... in theory we should be all good now...
  8. Rivian to offer Binding Purchase Agreements (to help obtain EV tax credit)

    Signed the BINDING CONTRACT to keep eligible for the transitional credit. Kudos to Rivian for getting. it. done.
  9. Rivian to offer Binding Purchase Agreements (to help obtain EV tax credit)

    The bill will be signed by Monday. I am still hoping my PBA is enough because I don't know if Rivian will come through fast enough with a bunch of purchase orders. PROVE ME WRONG RIVIAN TEAM!
  10. Rivian to offer Binding Purchase Agreements (to help obtain EV tax credit)

    If you change- will they still honor the old pricing upon the switch?
  11. Rivian to offer Binding Purchase Agreements (to help obtain EV tax credit)

    I think the enactment of the new bill will be for Jan 1, 2023. SO if we can get delivery or a binding purchase order (apparently PBA isn't good enough) before the end of the year we would fall under the transitional EV credit. If Rivian is working on it now we should be all taken care of...
  12. Let Us Sign Buyers Agreements: A Letter to RJ

    I'm waiting on the R1S. I signed the PBA in May but now my window is pushed out to Oct-Dec. I'm saving a copy of the PBA and hope it would be enough to get me the credit once this new bill changes the EV tax credits. Would the PBA be enough to count as a PO? I'm not convinced but I'm still...
  13. Video: Met the Rivian R1S... at Venice Hub Event

    Thanks for posting the video @Matty J ! I drove the truck in Sonoma a few months ago and I was impressed but wasn't sold on Launch Green as my color but it has grown on me recently (I have seen a few R1Ts in my neighborhood in LG and black). I was going Limestone but recently every car seems...
  14. R1S updated estimated delivery window email (received June 11)

    I wonder if the batching comes down to exterior color choice? The interior is all black and I’m sure they have all the wheels they need…
  15. R1S updated estimated delivery window email (received June 11)

    Signed a PBA in April. Just got one of the many Oct-Dec windows as well… preorder 12/2/18… Bay Area…
  16. Introducing the R1 Shop... Email Communication

    We can hope the R1S "shop" might launch with invites going out once they produce a few of them ... maybe by the fall. If they need to deliver 25K units by year end and have to date made around 3-4K, there are at least 20K units to be made and delivered by year end. If 10% are made as R1S maybe...