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  1. opnwide

    Normal amount of R1S suspension Pogo-ing?

    Think this a normal amount of R1S suspension pogo on this tester Mule?
  2. opnwide

    Billet Aluminum Jack Lifting Puck for R1T/S

    Just watched this for a custom aluminum lifting puck. Looks nicely designed. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Rivian supplied Jack adapter looks like it only fits over the supplied more square-looking scissor lift rather than a 3-ton floor Jack which is round, no?
  3. opnwide

    R1T Satin Blacked-Out AT 20's with Piano Blacked Front Skid Plate for Sale...

    Saw this link recently. Not necessarily posting this for the sale, but I do like the Satin Black AT 20's here. Front Piano Blacked Skid plate...meh. (Note, Center Caps plastic still grey. Yellow Rivian logo on Wheels now satin black.)
  4. opnwide

    Custom vinyl'd R1T Launch Edition I just spied…

    Someone did some custom work on this T I just spied at Denver International Airport…It may be a Launch Edition, but I’m not sure?
  5. opnwide

    Anyone know what happened to @gshenderson?

    Anyone know what happened to @Gshenderson ? He had the best BBQ tomahawk and @skyote and @jimcgov3 had some great conversations re:smokers and BBQ.
  6. opnwide

    Wildfires outside of Denver...

    Not sure if anyone saw the devastation Northwest of Denver today, but my son is a senior in high school at Monarch most affected by the fires, and knows several friends that have lost everything. These kids have endured so much with Covid, stolen youth, and now the loss of their homes. Not sure...
  7. opnwide

    Rivian Halloween

    I’ve officially lost it.
  8. opnwide

    Loss of the exhaust note…sex without noise.

    Thought I’d address a pink elephant in the room…the loss of the emotional exhaust note. Sex without noise. Get there fast with no audible emotion. Tesla owners care to opine?
  9. opnwide

    Rivian caught testing R1S clearance at Chandelier Tree.

    Is this Forest green, bc I swear it’s launch?
  10. opnwide

    I Don’t Want to Drive an Egg.

    I don’t want to drive an egg. I don’t want a model Y egg or a model X egg that is the same as all the other eggs on the road. I want a boxy, Rover-ish, SUV. This is what drew me to the R1S and I will gladly accept a LE with all the risks...I guarantee it won’t be any riskier than owning a Land...