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  1. New York [SOLD] Cargo Cross Bars in Brooklyn ($500)

    I also have a new unopened box of crossbars. I am not a new member. Two sets were sent by mistake when the R1T came in March. I was thinking of just keeping them for the R1S on order however I feel like I can always take them off the pickup. I can let them go for a few bucks less. And meet in...
  2. Hitch cover DIY mod. Ditch the screwdriver!

    I like this! I tow a lot and already the screwdriver has tore up the existing plastic screw.
  3. How many miles have you put on your Rivian?

    12k since 3/21. 1 east coast trip. Hard to drive any other vehicle.
  4. NY state fast charging problems

    This stinks. I’m close near kingston. I haven’t used any DC fast chargers yet in the few months with the R1T but I will definitely need to. Its disappointing other non Tesla chargers seem to have so many issues. Curious…By calling Rivian when you have this issue at the chargers, are you...
  5. Should I even get PPF and ceramic? Keeping truck outside

    I have never got ppf or any nice ceramic before on a vehicle. However I did so on my R1T and I am very pleased despite the steep price. I would love to hand wash my vehicles but I do not have the time, so I also use car wash memberships. The car wash has beaten up the cars with swirl marks...
  6. Public and hotel charging advice for a newbie attempting first trip - New York to Chicago WITH TRAILER!

    Best to you on your trip. Sounds like we live nearby each other! I have the same R1T but a few weeks longer. I will keep my eye out for you. I just got my hitch connected and plan to pull a big trailer soon. Thanks for being the trailer trail blazer.
  7. Two pairs of crossbars, two different styles of key.

    Agreed! Although I have a feeling you will get A140's and I will get A152's. lol
  8. For those installing PPF on Rivian

    The specs for Ultimate Fusion say its 7.5 mil. It looks like it may be an extra 3 mil if a release liner was used.
  9. Two pairs of crossbars, two different styles of key.

    the metal is A140. The plastic A150. Maybe they mixed us up and we can swap!
  10. Two pairs of crossbars, two different styles of key.

    I also got different codes on my keys. The two plastic keys do not work. Only the metal. This isn’t intentional correct?
  11. Gofundme for employee who leaked info about the update 🚔

    To make matters worse, they confiscated his video recorder. I’ll pony up some.
  12. The most annoying thing about my R1T so far

    You are right the directions are very specific. However this Is the instructions I’ve tried over and over. Hopefully they will be able to address with mobile service next week. They say it’s tied in with the fact that the seats do not adjust to me after my wife uses the truck.
  13. The most annoying thing about my R1T so far

    My living room and kitchen are above my garage. The truck auto unlocks and locks constantly. It is frustrating. Also my bracelet does not work. I have a service request in for this so hopefully they can address it.
  14. Features Request List After 1-Week With Rivian R1T

    I have driven about 500 miles. Another feature I would like to see is to have auto Hi Beam set all the time. It seems that each night I drive I have to pull the stock for two or three seconds to set this. It would be nicer to have that feature on all the time by a toggle in the UI.
  15. For those installing PPF on Rivian

    So I thought I would document my findings regarding PPF and emblems as the same circumstances may apply to others. I had the emblems removed to provide the best protection and cleanest look. The shop said the glue/tape on the emblems could not be re-used. CS says they will only sell new emblems...
  16. First used preowned R1T for sale

    The R1T sold for $150k. I was not surprised to hear this number. Some of those looking to cut the line and get ahead by offering reservations of another vehicle or current MSRP should keep this in mind.
  17. For those installing PPF on Rivian

    Thanks for your reply. I failed to mention my installer is willing to take off and reinstall the emblems, at no extra cost. He said it may not look as good and said I would be better off replacing. The decision is mine to make.
  18. For those installing PPF on Rivian

    $6500. Not cheap. This includes PPF plus the ceramic that is pre applied by Xpel.