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    EV charger installation in the Kirkland WA area?

    Do you need to get a permit if you install it by yourself? I saw some YouTube videos about installation but no one talks about getting permit.
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    Hurricane Preparations

    Don’t have a Rivian yet but planning to install this 120v transfer switch to support upto 4 critical circuits. My two top priorities are furnace fan and refrigerator (and some lights at home) which should be supported by 1.5kw output from Rivian...
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    R1S batching info from guide: another large batch being pushed out early October

    How come you get Aug-Sep delivery estimates? Did they think Kirkland is closer to Bellevue than Issaquah? ;) I mean I have no problem waiting until December but trying to understand how Rivian is prioritizing 🤷🏾‍♂️
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    Took R1S Delivery After 1,000+ Days of Waiting

    Nice! Feel free to drop by and take a look... once I get my car by end of this year 🤞🏾
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    Took R1S Delivery After 1,000+ Days of Waiting

    Congrats on receiving your R1S! But how come they skipped other pre-orders. Feb 2019 preorder, live in Issaquah, and still waiting for my R1S. Did you get underbody protection? That config apparently getting earlier priority.
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    Took delivery of my R1S just now after 3+ year wait

    Congrats! I pre-ordered just few days later but I guess lot of people in front of me on west coast :( Now, mandatory question for early R1S deliveries. Did you get off-road package?
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    R1S Updated Delivery Timeframes?

    Which FB group? I am in two groups and don't see it any of those.
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    Which EV Reservations Do You Have (any EV)?

    Cybertruck - 11/22/2019 (It's just 100 bucks for reservation, why not) R1S - 2/16/2019 (the day I first heard about Rivian. I really want this!!!) F150 Lighting - 9/8/2021 I was about to put the reservation for Lightning on day 1 but then thought I don't need a truck. Then seeing enthusiasm of...
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    Update 8/16 from IRS: 2022 purchases are eligible under old tax credit

    I am on the same boat and wondering whether PBA is considered as binding agreement.
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    Giga Casting Evolution - Rivian Should Take Note

    totaled vehicle doesn’t mean the value is zero, insurance still recoup some cost by selling it. I have been watching the series and looks like you can’t even extract the battery from a giga cast Tesla vehicle. This higher loss will be passed to the consumer as insurance premium. It’s probably...
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    Fisker Ocean order…..

    iX is a nice car IMO. I am so used to with the HUD and Apple CarPlay that I am now thinking whether R1S would be good move. I need a 3rd row so no 2-row EV is an option for me.
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    R1S Reviews Master List: Jalopnik, Inside EVs, TFL, etc

    Looks like they are still on embargo, just showing outside and not talking about specs.
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    Camping Trip Report – Some of Our Favorite Gear For R1T

    The last one I got 4 years ago looks like now out of business. These are some Chinese white label items so brand name really doesn’t matter. This is the one I just got. Yet to try for camping but tried at home and feels pretty good. The one I got last time, and used for...
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    Camping Trip Report – Some of Our Favorite Gear For R1T

    I am big fan of 3"-4" self inflatable foam pads. It's almost as comfortable as memory foam mattress at home and still compress quite a bit. Pretty sure you can fit two double size pads in the gear tunnel. Also it provides a good insulator compared to just inflatable air pads. Great video btw 👍🏾
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    Rivian Range Test Until It Dies / Runs Out of Battery (by Ben Sullins)

    If Rivian had a 30A 240v outlet, other car could jumpstart this for shifting gear and then do tow-charge.
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    Power Company Intentionally Turned Off Power On Hottest Day Of The Year - I Need My R1S To Have V2H

    That’s the only thing makes me drooling for F150 lightning. I get power outage several times a year and having a silent and cheap backup option would be super awesome! Rivian should make the 240v inverter as an add on at least.
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    R1S updated estimated delivery window email (received June 11)

    They are probably trying to distribute the load among their service center. That's why NC and OH people seems like getting higher precedence than west coast locations where there are more people in the queue.
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    R1S updated estimated delivery window email (received June 11)

    Mine moved from April-May. Already has a guide and signed PBA 1.5 months ago. Your Launch Edition R1S estimated delivery window is October - December 2022
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    R1S first look videos from Yosemite [shows space available with seats folded, connections, & storage]

    Honestly, this is the first time I came to know about iJustine and I watch tech reviews a lot. Just watched her another video on a dji drone and that looks decent and informative. I think I'd blame it to YouTube's suggestion!