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  1. endress14

    New software update 2022.35.03

    I know that audible syncs between devices, at least for audiobooks. may not be the same for podcasts within that app. funny that certain things sync and others don't. I just say "Alexa play my audible" when I get in the car and I'm up and running.
  2. endress14

    E-mail from Rivian 9/30 announcing Key Band delivery

    same. I had a notification pop up from UPS on 9/27 that has been stuck on "shipping label created" since that time
  3. endress14

    What did you do WITH your Rivian today? 🏔🏝☀️❄️🕶

    took a nice bike ride. fall colors are excellent.
  4. endress14

    My floor mats finally shipped

    I got a shipping notification as well, which I assume is the wrist band that was supposed to arrive yesterday. UPS hasn’t even received the package yet….hopefully you have better luck!
  5. endress14

    Video: Rivian R1T Aerodynamics - Is the claimed drag coefficient of 0.30 correct?

    cool video. pretty informative. I wish they would have done a version with the bed cover open to see the difference.
  6. endress14

    R1T off-road in CO

    Damn I’m loving this truck.
  7. endress14

    R1T off-road in CO

    Ran up Rollins pass from the east side and did the technical trail portion of Jenny Creek. The R1T handled it like a beast. The trail (although it doesn't appear so on video) had some pretty technical spots that required what I would consider mild to moderate actual rock crawling. Honestly...
  8. endress14

    Not able to navigate to addresses in contacts?

    the satellite imagery is also woefully out of date. The Rivian maps still show empty lots on my block, and the LAST of those houses was at least framed in 2019.
  9. endress14

    What do you want addressed in the next OTA update?

    Is there anything you want to do besides change track or pause/play? That's easily accomplished with the steering wheel and still leaves it within reach of the passenger. I think it would be nice to be an option on the other side, but please Rivian do not reposition it for everyone!
  10. endress14

    What do you want addressed in the next OTA update?

    Maybe I'm misunderstanding your request, but the button press to bring up the climate screen to access the "auto" button also gives you the power button, so no additional searching or additional steps to take your eyes away from the road.
  11. endress14

    PSA: Possible Major Security Issue With Rivian Alarm System

    I hope if implemented in some fashion, this particular part is made optional. I'd rather leave nothing valuable in there and give them free access to check, then have them break it open to check. I would put my personal items in the gear tunnel which would hopefully remain locked in the...
  12. endress14

    Seat discomfort

    I find them comfortable and didn't realize people actually rest their heads against the head restraint while driving, as it's primarily a safety feature. Turns out, according to wiki, that 16% of people don't really have a choice! Why do so many people find headrests uncomfortable[edit]...
  13. endress14

    Gear Guard catches hit and run

    I guess I missed the part where anyone blamed the police for anything
  14. endress14

    Gear Guard catches hit and run

    If I’m eating on someone else’s dime and they keep the courses/drinks coming I’m not going to bail early! (Although I was DD so my passengers enjoyed the drinking part)
  15. endress14

    Gear Guard catches hit and run

    Asked my guide about the alarm not activating, and this was her response: I can understand how that could be helpful but Gear Guard is the security system that monitors the vehicle and deters theft of items in the truck bed. On page 151 in the Owner's Guide, there's a list of action that...
  16. endress14

    Gear Guard catches hit and run

    correct on all counts. given the time interval and number of people in the lot, I had to sift through a whole bunch of videos to find it.
  17. endress14

    Gear Guard catches hit and run

    Eating dinner and this happened 2 hours before I came out of the restaurant. Filed police report. Lady denied being there of course, but gear guard saves the day. Thankfully the damage was minor and the PPF did a better job of protecting the paint than I would have imagined.