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  1. My (unfortunate) Rivian Story. In Shop For a Month and Counting

    Same here. I experienced this during the first drive a few years ago and figured it as throttle mapping. It did take a lot of travel for the motors to engage which is super different from tesla (few mm of travel on my model 3 and it starts to move, which I like).
  2. R1S batching info from guide: another large batch being pushed out early October

    That is good news. Also confused as an 11/2018 R1S LE/LG/20AT/BM preorder holder in the bay area. No updates about timing of delivery or any movement, offers of alternative configs etc. I've seen several here in the bay area and chatted briefly with an owner (non-employee) who pre-ordered 11/20...
  3. Took R1S Delivery After 1,000+ Days of Waiting

    Congrats! Still mystified about delivery priority. 11/2018 preorder with the same exact spec, to a t. (15 mins away from south sf center) but not a peep about any timing or information. I’ve seen 3 in the Bay Area at this stage, including right by my workplace, but cs doesn’t have any info on...
  4. Took delivery of my R1S at South San Francisco Service Center

    awesome to see more deliveries in the bay area. I actually saw 2 in the span of a few minutes driving near my workplace in emeryville and almost fell over. hahahahaha. 11/2018 LE/LG/BM/20AT, waiting to hear news.
  5. Guide offered me alternate R1S today

    I feel you. 11/2018 order, 15 mins from SSF, r1s/le/lg/20”at/bm but not a peep. Seems like different guides have different levels of proactive sourcing etc. really like my guide on an interpersonal level but she has never offered any info that suggested order timing or availability of options.
  6. R1S : Oct-Dec Delivery

    Amazing! Great to hear. Underbody shield option as well? similar timeline but no updates from my guide. Really itching to learn more as I had a unicorn event and saw 2 in the course of a few minutes here in the bay area. Tracked down one owner, non-employee, who ordered a full year after me, but...
  7. Any R1S pre-orders hear from guides recently?

    and another one! great news.
  8. Any R1S pre-orders hear from guides recently?

    awesome news. hopefully some signs of life for the rest of us. really similar cadence of engagement with rivian on config lock, guide assignment etc. fingers crossed.
  9. Any R1S pre-orders hear from guides recently?

    I feel you. 11/28/2018 pre order, bay area le/lg/20AT/bm and not a peep. I started seeing them driving around here so it's close...but the order of deliveries is a total mystery to me at this stage.
  10. Took delivery of my R1S just now after 3+ year wait

    beautiful! same exact config, pre-ordered 11/2018 and patiently awaiting some sort of update. congrats and please keep us posted on experiences with the vehicle.
  11. Our R1S is here!

    I feel your pain :) 11/18 preorder le/lg/bm Bay Area but no updates. Looks like folks who ordered 2 years after are receiving their vehicles. Super pumped for them but the preorder preference is pretty arbitrary.
  12. How many getting R1S w/ Underbody Shield ?

    Got some definitive guidance (no pun intended) from my guide to sit tight and not change the config b/c R1Ss without the underbody shield are coming off of the line. Will see what happens. Have to admit it is odd to see people who pre-ordered a full 2 years after already receiving their...
  13. Any R1S pre-orders hear from guides recently?

    Please update us on the trade in value you get for your m3. Curious if prices are staying high on used teslas. Considering trading in as well but I love the car so it’s a tough decision.
  14. Any R1S pre-orders hear from guides recently?

    That’s a fantastic turnaround time on order to delivery! My preorder is a full 2 years earlier and still not a peep on config or delivery. Bay Area Le/bm/20at. Definitely won the lottery :) congrats!
  15. How many getting R1S w/ Underbody Shield ?

    Same boat, same reply from my guide. They don't know how it impacts delivery timing. My guess is they will soon make and deliver a bunch without it to test out the variance in their line for initial QC. I took it off to value engineer the cost a bit and I don't foresee myself doing any rock...
  16. Any R1S pre-orders hear from guides recently?

    I pinged my guide specifically about this (i.e. "if i add underbody shield, will it accelerate my delivery window") but she did not confirm this. It could very well be that they made a batch with it and then will follow with another batch without it, to test their line and variations on the...
  17. A good day 🙂 It's Time to Begin Your Purchase and Prepare Your R1S Delivery

    Congrats! Delivery order is still a mystery to me :) Same exact config, ordered 11/18, bay area. but hopefully soon. was your updated window aug/sept or oct-dec?
  18. R1S rear seat legroom vs. R1T comparison

    had the same thought, seems misaligned as well. if you look at door it shifts when latching, suggesting it's not lined up properly upon close.
  19. Received R1S Configuration Confirmation Email

    11/2018 LE order in the bay area and not a peep. The order seems very arbitrary. I see tons of R1Ts in the bay area at this stage, at least 1-2 a day.
  20. Possible first customer R1S delivery being reported

    Great analysis. I agree with all of the above, but have steeled myself against getting my hopes up. My vehicle has supposedly been "on the line and assembled as we speak!" in each of the last three years when talking to CS, but then it's all of a sudden not... :) 11/2018 LE pre-order so it's...