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  1. GIJoe

    R1S batching info from guide: another large batch being pushed out early October

    I'm a 6/19 reservation holder as well. Initially Apr/May and now OCt/Dec estimated delivery. Trying to patiently wait but its hard seeing some 2020 folks getting their R1S' before us. I'm in STL only 2 hours from Normal.
  2. GIJoe

    Rivian Easter Egg - Steps For Display Screen

  3. GIJoe

    BofA has never heard of the Rivian R1T?

    Actually I spoke with BOA 2 weeks ago and the initial CS agent had not heard of Rivian. She however had just heard of Lucid earlier that week. She did reach out in real time to her "manager" who then informed her about Rivian. So they do know about the company. They did say they would...
  4. GIJoe

    Wheels: I switched from 21 to 20

    Let us know if you note a significant range difference with the new shoes on! Glad you found one that fits.
  5. GIJoe

    Ask us Rivian R1T owners ANYTHING [AMA]!

    For what it’s worth when at the first mile event I did ask them what that was and they stated it was a “sensor”. I even suggested it as a brighter forward facing LED. They told me no. They may have just been giving me a red herring.
  6. GIJoe

    April - May 2022 Delivery Club/Hype Thread

    I am too. In st Louis. No word yet.
  7. GIJoe

    My Rivian Blue R1T is Delivered!!

    Phenomenal! Congrats! Very excited for you.
  8. GIJoe

    Keeping LE vs other options

    Yes I’m in the same boat. No alternatives yet unless you want an expensive ICE vehicle. That’s why I’m holding on for now.
  9. GIJoe

    How Would Rivian Earn Back Your Trust?

    If they offered all pre order holders membership for life that would be a start.
  10. GIJoe

    Ocean Coast Pics?

    Here are some pics from the first mile event.
  11. GIJoe

    Rivian Service Centers / Retail Locations List / Other Facilities (Pics & Updates)

    Hmmmmm not one in STL yet. Guess KC is 4 hours away and Normal is 2.5 hrs away. We should be covered.
  12. GIJoe

    Who else can relate to Rivian Dad?

    Clever and Well done!!
  13. GIJoe


    My wife just spotted a R1T in the wild in St Louis. Of course I didn’t get to see it. Couldn’t tell if there were Missouri plate or temp tags.
  14. GIJoe

    ? Rivian Sends Delivery Window E-Mail. What’s Your Dates? => Vote in Poll!

    April/may 2022. LE R1S preordered 6/19. STL Mo.
  15. GIJoe

    Seattle Rivian First Mile Test Drive Event Impressions & Reviews - by Forum Members

    Thanks for sharing your pictures and video! That was awesome. It was so great to hear your excitement! This is what I love about this forum.
  16. GIJoe

    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    Is that 4 of the 25 R1S's they are supposed to build before 1/1/22? :)
  17. GIJoe

    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    Of course they look great!! No easy decision.