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  1. rraj2k81

    Tony's Email for Canadian Customers

    Got Tony's email for Canadian customers and there are some noteworthy updates, Hi X, We have received certification from Transport Canada and can officially begin vehicle sales in Canada! Our first deliveries will be in British Columbia and we are on track to begin delivering vehicles this...
  2. rraj2k81

    R1S Quirks and Features - Coming soon (Doug Demuro review)

    Doug Demuro has an R1S in for a review,
  3. rraj2k81

    The RAN DCFC Stations in Production

    The RAN DCFC Stations are in full production,
  4. rraj2k81

    Malin Ekholm, VP of Volvo Cars Safety Centre is Joining Rivian

    Looks like Rivian is going to put a bit more effort into making safer cars,
  5. rraj2k81

    Ontario XPEL installer might be getting an R1T s00n.

    I was picking up my Model S from a local Xpel and Ceramic coating installer and mentioned to the owner that I will be back later next year for my R1S, and to let him know to see if he would get the relevant templates. And told him about Rivian. He immediately mentioned a customer of his will...
  6. rraj2k81

    RJ with Jay Leno

    Looks like RJ will be appearing with Jay Leno in his Garage soon,
  7. rraj2k81

    Have come full circle

    So, I decided to take delivery of the car that got me into wanting to go BEV, which lead to the Rivian. I wasn't planning on going with the S especially with the refresh they did, the damn York and all their build quality issues, I was on the fence. But, considering my reservation was...
  8. rraj2k81

    Lucid Testing Apple Carplay

    Looks like now Lucid is testing Apple Car Play. Lucid Air spotted testing Apple CarPlay for update next quarter ( Maninae (u/Maninae) - Reddit
  9. rraj2k81

    Polestar (Android Automotive OS) adds Apple Carplay

    Well it has finally happened. Apple Carplay support has come to Android Automotive in the Polestar. Video app support in park has been added as part of the latest software. Just a matter of time for the apps to show up. The funny part is it does not support Android Auto.
  10. rraj2k81

    Ford Bronco Raptor - I don't need this but I WANT IT!

    2023 Bronco Raptor Review // Thomas Gets Stuck, James Breaks It - YouTube Not sure what I would do with it, but damn I want it! Edit: Looks like the color is Ford's version of Canyon Red!
  11. rraj2k81

    Shortest Order to Guide Contact - 34 days

    Here is a Facebook post, where some one had a guide contact them just 34 days after an order was placed. Based on this post, the guide seems to be ghosting this person, so maybe a mistake (?) I am convinced Rivian is using a magic 8 ball to choose who gets their orders first.
  12. rraj2k81

    Out of Spec Kyle has the F150 lightning.

    Looks like @OutofSpecKyle has the F150 lightning,
  13. rraj2k81

    Volvo XC40 Recharge - A worthy Off-Roader

    The Volvo XC-40 looks like a very competent off-roader, especially if you put some good AT tires. The 2022 Volvo XC40 RECHARGE Is a Shockingly Awesome EV Off-Roader Because.... - YouTube
  14. rraj2k81

    Driver+ Not up to current Spec - A Deal Breaker (?)

    As per the original description, Driver+ would only be available in certain HWYs (mapped routes), which would enable Auto Steer/Lane Centering with Adaptive Cruise Control. Which I thought was a very limited system and had thought would be upgraded when in production to be in line with all the...
  15. rraj2k81

    Mercedes EQS SUV - A Luxury (Offroad Worthy) SUV

    Kyle just got a glimpse of the Mercedes EQS SUV, which is to be revealed in April. This thing looks like a luxury off-road BEV SUV. I Ride In The Electric Mercedes EQS SUV For The First Time! - YouTube Looks like the first true competitor to the R1S. Obviously will have to wait and see. Check...
  16. rraj2k81

    Potential Delays for OC and FE Interior

    Saw this post on FB, where a guide advised that all OC and FE interiors are 'officially' delayed, and BM is the only one available. Anyone with OC or FE been advised their deliveries are being delayed by their guides?
  17. rraj2k81

    [The Fast Lane Truck] Ford F150 Hybrid Pro-Power VTH - Real World Demonstration

    The Fast Lane Truck just posted a video of doing a real-world test of powering a home using the Ford F150 Hybrid Pro-power. Here’s How a Ford F-150 Hybrid Can Power Your House in an Emergency! - YouTube
  18. rraj2k81

    Porsche Taycan beats EPA rating in winter!

    CNET did a winter range test on a Porsche Taycan 4S cross turismo and came out doing 245 Miles ! I beat the Porsche Taycan's EPA range even in winter ( Porsche is starting to really flex their muscles as a BEV maker!
  19. rraj2k81

    VW will reveal ID.Buzz - March 9th

    This year's CES is more of an Auto Show 2022, with all the Auto manufacturers making all their announcement. With that came VW announcing they will reveal the ID. Buzz on the 9th of March. I know a lot of folks on this forum are waiting for this one as a people hauler. VW will reveal its...
  20. rraj2k81

    Goodyear introduces new EV tires - Electric Drive GT (19s for now)

    Looks like Goodyear is getting into EV specific tires with the introduction of the Electric Drive GT tires. The biggest advantage is that they come with built in insulation to act as a sound barrier. They are starting off with 19s, 255/45R19, hopefully they can expand this into other sizes once...