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  1. jplblue

    Video: Rivian R1T Aerodynamics - Is the claimed drag coefficient of 0.30 correct?

    Am I neurotic for wanting to replace the hood emblem with a vinyl sticker after seeing the video? :CWL:
  2. jplblue

    Sandy Munro Takes R1T Off-Roading + Load Test

    Sandy Munro takes the R1T to an off-road park. According to Sandy, the R1T outclassed the Jeeps that were there, although Cory says Sandy hasn't regularly off-roaded in 2 decades. Interesting that the R1T was on 21 aeros without the underbody armor.
  3. jplblue

    WSJ: CFO says Rivian will prioritize growth over profits

    Agreed. Locking up $1000 for that amount of time is not an insignificant barrier to entry for many who would otherwise be interested. Once Rivian can deliver w/i 1-3 months of a placed order, buyers will come.
  4. jplblue

    WSJ: CFO says Rivian will prioritize growth over profits

    Hope that means they won't raise prices for reservation holders.
  5. jplblue

    The Rivian Wave?

    I'm waving to y'all whether you like it or not.
  6. jplblue

    Ben Sullins selects R1T as 2021 best electric truck and EV of year.

    He's mostly a YouTuber who talks a lot about Tesla. I think professionally, he's a data guy. Should be pointed for those who don't want to watch the video, Ben Sulllins didn't make the selection of the R1T as EV of the year. Awards were selected via panel through ranked choice voting...
  7. jplblue

    Who else can relate to Rivian Dad?

    Adorable kids!
  8. jplblue

    E for Electric and Sandy Munro talk Rivian.

    Rich Rebuild was at a First Mile event, didn't follow the speed limit, and got his test drive cut short. I think E for Electric saw this, and saw Rivian personnel reviewing Rich's footage, and made a video about Rivian bullying Rich. E also mocked Rivian for having a 30mph speed limit, failing...
  9. jplblue

    R1S Split Hatch/Tailgate

    My guess is based on my split hatch: you have to open the top hatch and lift it a bit first, then you can lower the tailgate. Once the tailgate is down, you can close the top hatch. Making it work any other way would seem overly complicated to me.
  10. jplblue

    R1S Split Hatch/Tailgate

    Also makes a great step for accessing the roof!
  11. jplblue

    OPINION: What to name Rivian Launch Mode?

    Going off the climbing theme: dyno mode.
  12. jplblue

    NY Times Review: Rivian’s Electric Truck Is a Cutie and a Beast

    "Starting at $68,575, the Rivian becomes the market’s first E.V. to integrate four independent electric motors..." Price hike coming?
  13. jplblue

    My Norcal Sonoma First Mile Event Impressions and Videos

    Not sure if it's safe, but I keep a fridge in the back of my Element. When everything is packed, the fridge is surrounded by all sorts of crap, so there not a lot of circulated air. Seems to run OK?
  14. jplblue

    My Norcal Sonoma First Mile Event Impressions and Videos

    Thanks for the info and video! I, for one, really appreciate the 12v in the frunk. It's better to run fridges w/ DC because you avoid efficiency loss. Would be good to have all the options, but if there could only be *one*, I'd probably pick 12v.
  15. jplblue

    Take delivery before a test drive?

    Yes. Frankly, I trust other people's judgement on how a car drives more than mine (or my wife's).
  16. jplblue

    New Website Launched + Gear Shop!

    Really want to buy a t-shirt but don't want to be too emotionally invested because I'm afraid of getting hurt...
  17. jplblue

    Skeptical Of Rivian's Prices

    Relatedly, if there are plans to raise prices in the near future, wouldn't that have to be disclosed in the S-1? Seems like it'd be a material fact for investors.