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  1. R1S : Oct-Dec Delivery

    I think EV guy is likely spot on with his analysis. I also agree with Paariv, it is beyond frustrating that Rivian insists on keeping everything about delivery mysterious instead of simply saying here is what we are are doing and why we are doing it. The truth is, we will get our R1's when we...
  2. 🙋🏻‍♂️ Delivered R1S Owners List and Stats [Enter Yours]!

    The submission for Architeuthis (number 24) is also for a R1T. I about had a stroke when I saw the preorder date! Not that I am impatiently waiting or anything...
  3. R1S batching info from guide: another large batch being pushed out early October

    This is mostly good news. I have to admit I get a little frustrated that pre-order date really doesn't matter much. As a June 2019 R1S LE reservation holder I am seeing a number of people later in the ordering process getting vehicles. Still crickets for me. Hoping the October-December...
  4. Oct-Dec 2022 Delivery Windows

    Spoke with customer service today. For what it's worth, they assured me that my October-December window was good and nothing about my order made them believe it would be delayed. June 2019 R1S LE FG BM 20's
  5. First customer R1S in WA State? (Spotted at Bellevue Service Center)

    This is great news! Congrats to Pappabolt! As a June 2019 Eastern Washington R1S preorder with an October/December delivery window it gives me hope the window might hold.
  6. RAN PNW map - Locations to look forward to?

    Would love to see a few in Sandpoint, or even better, at Schweitzer.
  7. PNW Roll Call

    Annie I am so bummed that you haven't received your truck yet, but it sounds like you are close! I have seen three R1T's in the Tri Cities in the past week so it looks like EWa deliveries are happening. It doesn't appear any of those three owners are active on here.
  8. R1S LE Guide Contact reached out for intro appointment! [4/1/22]

    I am a May/June delivery and haven't heard anything yet.
  9. PNW Roll Call

    That is awesome !! Congrats!
  10. PNW Roll Call

    Actually saw a R1T drive by Iconic Brewing in Richland last night at around 5:00. It was a launch green. My first view of a real life Rivian! Much like a Rainier Artesian, elusive, but they do exist!
  11. PNW Roll Call

    Hey Perk. Richland here. Your December 2018 R1T preorder is definitely an early, if not earliest, Eastern WA preorder I have seen. I am a June 2019 R1S preorder with a May/June delivery (hopefully). Please keep us posted on your progress. I am curious how Eastern WA deliveries will be handled.
  12. King Beverage in Spokane, WA Places Fleet Order With Rivian

    Reading local news this morning and this nugget jumped out: " King Beverage has also placed new fleet orders with electric vehicle companies Rivian and Tesla Inc., Rusnak said. " While I am...
  13. ? Rivian Sends Delivery Window E-Mail. What’s Your Dates? => Vote in Poll!

    June 2019 R1S LE Forest Green Eastern Washington State May/June 2022
  14. Seattle First Mile Event -- FULL?!

    In Richland and feeling that we are getting no love in Eastern WA! My reservation date is July 2019 for a R1S. I understand why Rivian may wait to do first drives until they have R1S's available to drive. You are my guinea pig to test if the the Cascade curtain is in effect. Hope you hear...
  15. New Delivery Delay Confirmed - My R1T Delivery Pushed From October to end of February, 2022.

    I'm certainly not an expert on this but I am actually pretty heavily invested in magnesium related stocks so I watch this industry. Part of being educated is reading beyond the headline. I'm not sure you read the information in the links you sent? At this point, there isn't a magnesium...
  16. New Delivery Delay Confirmed - My R1T Delivery Pushed From October to end of February, 2022.

    They are dealing with incompetence issues. Period. I think you should be OstrichRider instead of DucRider because man, your head is in the sand.
  17. 180 R1T produced / 156 R1T delivered as of Oct 31 -- per Updated Rivian S1 [11/1]

    As a June 2019 R1S LE pre-order holder, in my estimation, the biggest problem with all of this is that we are getting information from SEC filings and not via an email from Rivian. They had time to make sure I received multiple emails about how to access the IPO but they didn't have time to...
  18. Thinking out loud...PNW Style...

    Sign me up!
  19. Official Rivian Stories: A Space To Gather - First Hub Opens @ Venice, CA

    You couldn't be more right. I have been critical of Rivian, mostly concerning the horrible communication with pre-order holders, which is STILL an issue. However, when Rivian does something right that should be acknowledged as well. This location and this event is an example of moving in the...
  20. Test Drive Invitations are arriving! And First Mile events tab now available

    You have this odd perception that any time anyone voices concern about any aspect of this process we are all on they are "whining." It is especially bad when you don't even have your facts straight. There ARE R1S preorder holders who ARE getting invited to test drives, blowing up the central...