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  1. Latest VIN check R1T. What is the real production rate...

    Mine cleared PDI within 3 days of being delivered. The guys at the SC I talked to say that some times they have a backlog that results in a few days to complete the inspection. If they flag something, depending on what it is, the time from PDI to actual delievery could push quite a bit. For...
  2. Why the Front Camera View is so Bad: An Overview

    In my opinion, needs a camera with better resolution to address this issue. There is some room for them to use a bigger crop, but not sure that will help too much.
  3. Why the Front Camera View is so Bad: An Overview

    Now that I've had my R1 for a few days, I've had the chance to play with several features. One of the things that I had been curious about is all of the talk about why the front camera is so bad. The following pulls from some of the stuff picked up decades ago while working on a facial...
  4. Off-road Meet Up (Stampede Pass, Seattle Area) - October 22

    Would love to join, but out of town that weekend. Have fun!
  5. Education on Nema 14-50 (50 amp) plug vs 60 amp hardwire

    At the Federal level, there was a credit added as part of the Inflation Reduction Act. States and power companies may have their own incentives.
  6. Frustrated 2018 preorder holder

    Yeah...I had just assumed the selection for most would have been LE or Explore given the free wheel upgrade. I guess OP could have selected Explore and was "upgraded" to Adventure when Explore went away.
  7. Frustrated 2018 preorder holder

    What am I missing? How is a 2018 R1S order not LE? Originally was a R1T Max then switched to R1S?
  8. EV charger installation in the Kirkland WA area?

    Depends on your city, but most likely yes. However, most homeowners that do their own work likely don't pull permits.
  9. Lectron L2/48A Wall Charger

    Looked at the Lectron site, I don't see where it is UL listed or equivalent. Not necessarily a deal breaker, but something to consider.
  10. Lowest interest rates in September?

    Update on Parsons: From time of preapproval to the check being cut it was 3 business days. It was a bit of a mad rush today to get a copy of the check and a tracking number to upload to Rivian so I can keep my scheduled delivery for tomorrow. Was told this morning that someone would send that...
  11. UPDATE- Rivian EVSE warm breaker normal?

    4ga, that's beefy for 48A! Where you worried about voltage drop so went with a larger gauge?
  12. Lowest interest rates in September?

    I get the impression that they only have one loan officer and we are all hitting him at the same time. Sent him an email this morning saying that I was trying to schedule delivery and would like to know when I could expect to be funded. He responded by saying that if I provide a signed...
  13. Waiting for step 8..... (23 days)

    thanks. I'm sitting on step 5, upload documents...not sure what I would upload other than insurance at this point which I plan on holding off on getting until I actually have a delivery date...
  14. Limestone / Ocean Coast R1T Delivery!!!

    While the general concept may make sense, this would also mean that they should get rid of the wireless chargers (this wouldn't bother me) and the under dash 12V plug (this would be an issue if trying to have a charging cell phone mount). I speculate they probably looked at the the size of the...
  15. Waiting for step 8..... (23 days)

    hmmm. do all steps other than 8 unlock immediately? Its been 30 days since the steps have opened and I only had 1-5 unlocked.
  16. Lowest interest rates in September?

    My pre approval said they would reach out within 1 business day. They didn't call yesterday, so I called them today. They essentially told me "don't call us, we'll call you". If they already didn't do a hard pull for setting up a savings account, I would probably just jump over to Sound CU...
  17. Lowest interest rates in September?

    I thought that too, but there is an arbitrage opportunity. If you can get a 2.5% interest rate and given that a 2 year treasury that goes on auction next week will likely be at 4%, the 5 year at just under 4%, you can get a risk free return with your cash assuming you have the cash flow to make...
  18. Limestone / Ocean Coast R1T Delivery!!!

    Until they opened the bridge this past week, yep! :CWL:
  19. Video: Rivian R1T Aerodynamics - Is the claimed drag coefficient of 0.30 correct?

    I believe we already have some of that answer from the EPA mileage...316 vs 314.
  20. LIMESTONE R1T Club & Photos

    Fair enough, I jumped too soon. But like you say, there are 22 darks: