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  1. jjwolf120

    Bit of a pickle… home purchase.

    When I was refinancing, the mortgage company freaked out because my AAA memebership renewed on a little used credit card. The credit card went from a zero balance to $55.
  2. jjwolf120

    Beautiful Forest Green R1S Spotted!

    The answer is probably. I don't have any immediate plans, but one of my friends has some ideas. Monrovia, California to be exact.
  3. jjwolf120

    Beautiful Forest Green R1S Spotted!

    That one is mine. The portable charger doesn't seem to be working, so I was getting some free charging while I ate lunch. I haven't managed to get an electrician to install my Rivian charger yet.
  4. jjwolf120

    Latest VIN check R1T. What is the real production rate...

    Seems like a pretty clear path to me. The expectation was that they would make 10k vans and 15k of the R1 series. Since we are at roughly 12k R1Ts for the year and 600 odd R1Ss, then they would only need to make about 3k more assuming they hit the Van numbers. Even they only make 5k vans, they...
  5. jjwolf120

    R1S Adventure deliveries?

    The first claimed R1T deliveries were in April, per the Rivian R1T Delivered Thread.
  6. jjwolf120

    When will R1x get V2H like the Lightning?

    Note that you have to buy several thousand dollars of equipment in order to do VtoH using the Lighting, so maybe it's a little more complicated than you think.
  7. jjwolf120

    2022.35 OTA software update rumors?

    I'm pretty sure that's not happening, at least where I live.
  8. jjwolf120

    🙋🏻‍♂️ Delivered R1S Owners List and Stats [Enter Yours]!

    I have the Reinforced Underbody. I was just going to ask about editing my entry.
  9. jjwolf120

    Limestone / Ocean Coast R1T Delivery!!!

    It should be here (picture below), if it isn't that is almost certainly a defect.
  10. jjwolf120

    Any R1S pre-orders hear from guides recently?

    My guide called and told me it was at the service center (good thing that I entered the Rivian Phone number in my contacts, since I was riding my bike at the time). I think, but am not certain, that when I looked at the steps on my phone that step 8 had changed to say preparing for delivery...
  11. jjwolf120

    Any R1S pre-orders hear from guides recently?

    I completed step 7. My guide said I didn't have to complete it until I was closer to delivery, but I jumped the gun and completed it without consulting him when I found out my car was at the service center.
  12. jjwolf120

    Any R1S pre-orders hear from guides recently?

    Interesting. I have 467 and am picking it up on Tuesday from El Segundo. Definitely some oddities going on.
  13. jjwolf120

    Rivians Are Not Avaiable in All Areas

    I wouldn't interpret it that way. You will just need to wait a little longer until they extend their service network a bit closer. (Just like the preorder holders in Hawaii, Alaska and Canada.
  14. jjwolf120

    Rivian Shop just added a ton of available R1T trucks

    Massive is a bit overstated. The air bag recall was massive.
  15. jjwolf120

    Rivian Shop just added a ton of available R1T trucks

    It really depends on what is meant by a ton of trucks. 8 trucks would be 28 tons of truck.
  16. jjwolf120

    Took delivery of my R1S just now after 3+ year wait

    They expect more of you. You need to hack into your car, activate the unreleased summon feature and summon it to your home.
  17. jjwolf120

    Sandy Munro Tearing Down Rivian R1T Battery Pack

    That is not what I understand. If say you charged and discharged the battery from 55% to 50% until you have reached the equivalent of 1000 cycles the battery should be much less degraded than if you did full discharges and recharges. I gleaned this from an interview with Bob Gaylen, but I don't...
  18. jjwolf120

    Sandy Munro Tearing Down Rivian R1T Battery Pack

    The answer would be it depends on what you think sucks. It does mean that after 300,000 miles you should still have 80% capacity. You will probably have more because you didn't fully drain and then recharge the battery to 100% every time.
  19. jjwolf120

    Roller Coaster Charging Rate - Fast, Slow, Fast Slow, Fast??

    It could be thermal issues with either the station or the truck. It also might the result of "software features" of either or both.