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  1. yizzung

    Charger availability at Sacramento SC?

    With ski season approaching, my only range anxiety is getting from San Francisco to Truckee, CA (200 miles, uphill, in the snow/cold, probably in traffic). RAN barely exists today but I can't help but notice that the Sacramento SC is not that far of a detour from my typical Tahoe route...
  2. yizzung

    $59 phone charging solution

    I promise this is not meant to be snarky... After seeing so many people posting various solutions to prevent their phones from sliding around on the charging mat, I had to report that the leather Apple case for the iphone ($59) works just fine. When I put it on the phone on the charging mat it...
  3. yizzung

    Rear camera unusable with tailgate down

    Was hauling a bunch of stuff this week and, when backing up, noticed for the first time that the rear camera is totally blocked with the tailgate down. Seems like a design oversight. The bed is short and clearly Rivian expects us to haul stuff with the tailgate down, so it seems odd that they...
  4. yizzung

    Does Rivian have a power button?

    Just noticed the diagram on my new keycard. Seems to indicate that touching it to the inside of the door panel does … something. Looks a lot like a power button icon. Hmm.
  5. yizzung

    Recommend a car cover

    Need to leave my R1T outside for a few weeks while traveling. Anybody bought a cover for their truck that they can recommend?
  6. yizzung

    Nomad: $900 alternative camp kitchen for the bed

    Stumbled on this today. Seems pretty cool. Could probably do induction rather than the (optional) gas stove:
  7. yizzung

    Other Location Rivian Service Tools for Sale Here's the only thing on this website that I definitively know how to use, but some of you may find this stuff interesting...
  8. yizzung

    Recommend a sun shade that fits

    I bought a Covercraft sun shade before I had my truck. They do custom shades but not yet for Rivian. So I guessed and picked on for a 4Runner. Haha. It looks like a postage stamp and covers about 2/3 of the Rivian windshield. So while I prepare to return this one, has anybody guessed more...
  9. yizzung

    Toll Tag Transponders / Rivian Windshields

    Surprising that this topic hasn't been discussed but a search found zero results... Google search came up empty too. In the SF Bay Area we have a system called FasTrak for bridges/tolls ( The transponders typically get mounted anywhere on the inside of the...
  10. yizzung

    3D printer peeps: models of Rivian interior spaces?

    I've never 3D printed anything but all the DIY activity around here has me feeling inspired. I also happen to be pretty familiar with SketchUp, having used it for remodeling and random woodworking projects. I've seen a lot of folks share designs of their prototypes on here but wondering if...
  11. yizzung

    My (non-hammock) dog back seat plan

    I don't like hammocks. I tried two different ones with my lab and they didn't work well. They didn't sit properly on the seat so it was like walking around on a, well, on a hammock... I also tried one that had a rigid bottom that supposedly created a platform but the rigid stuff broke when my...
  12. yizzung

    Any of the EV charger maps accurate?

    Gearing up for delivery in a few weeks (days?) and just starting to get my head around charging infrastructure and maps. I was thinking that Plugshare should be pretty reliable but after literally about five minutes of searching, I've already found discrepancies. Here's what Plugshare says...
  13. yizzung

    Step 7 (payment) to Step 8 (delivery)

    I did 1-6 the minute things opened up for me and I was assigned a VIN. But (color me skeptical) I decided not to send my payment (step 7) until I had some inkling of when I could expect delivery of the truck (step 8). The Rivian process even says you can punt on step 7 and delay your payment...
  14. yizzung

    Vehicle recovery system? Daytime running lights?

    Insurance company (USAA) wanted to know if Rivian has daytime running lights and if there’s a vehicle recovery system (like OnStar). Anybody know the answer to these?
  15. yizzung

    How to charge at home without a charger

    Looks like Rivian is going to deliver my R1T about 9 months before my contractor wraps up our remodel (and installs my Rivian charger). That means I'll be without any kind of home charger for quite some time. This may be a really dumb question but what do you do without a charger? I'm guessing...
  16. yizzung

    Rivian out of Reinforced Underbody Shields?

    I finally got an invite to the shop last week. I want Ocean Coast but for the right paint/interior combo, I will consider pulling the trigger sooner. After seeing about 7 days worth of inventory come and go in the shop (about 10 trucks total) zero of them have the Reinforced Underbody Shield...
  17. yizzung

    October - November 2022 (New 6/11 delivery estimate)

    Might as well start a new thread to celebrate/commiserate. I was banished from the July - September good time thread but I'm learning to love my new estimate.
  18. yizzung

    The looming recession & your place in line for a Rivian [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Caveats: I work in tech / private equity and have a July 2020 order for an R1T. While I've been somewhat confident that we might pull off a soft landing, my economic outlook has darkened over the last few months. Pick your poison: war in Europe, Russian oil/gas embargo, China lockdown, 40-year...
  19. yizzung

    What other AWD EVs are available right now?

    I've had a reservation for two years and (supposedly) my delivery window is fast approaching. Ha. After a really fun test drive of a Rivian in Sonoma last fall, I haven't really wavered in my commitment to follow through on the purchase but this company is clearly having quality control issues...