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  1. Limestone Launch Edition R1S Delivered: Impressions & Photos

    Thanks for the heads up on them forcibly adding the front license plate holder. I prefer the fix-a-ticket every few years than having to have the plate ruining the front end. I never installed the one on my Tesla and it’s never been an issue (4 years and counting, knock on wood) so I will take...
  2. Kanundrum's R1S Delivery Build/Review

    Looks sweet. Congrats.
  3. R1S "Late 2023"...not that unrealistic?

    I think it all depends on where you live. If you live close to an SC, the chances you get your vehicle earlier goes up quite a bit. If you live in a state where direct sales are not allowed, then you probably won’t be getting your vehicle for a long time.
  4. Anyone work at Rivian here?

    Why not reach out to someone on LinkedIn? Maybe you get lucky and find an Alumn from your school or some other connection so that they feel comfortable meeting over coffee.
  5. My Rivian R1T Ocean Coast Interior Delivery!!

    I was thrown off by the “white” claim. I hope like others have stated that it’s closer to grey than white.
  6. 20” wheels with with all seasons (Michelin Defender LTX M/S 275/65R20) ?

    A lot of those tires had much higher tire pressure than the Rivian Scorpion. I wonder if that will throw off the tire pressure sensors. I would be interested in switching out the OG tires after they need replacing as I mostly want the rim while maximizing range. I don’t plan on going off-roading...
  7. R1T Delivery in Bend!

    I’m glad to see the 20 brights are back in stock.
  8. 🤩 [UPDATE: R1S Delivered! First Reactions + Photos] Friday will be a good day -- scheduled R1S delivery date

    It’s funny that this one R1S delivery to Fletch ended up being picked up by like 5 different outlets like Electrek, InsideEVs, Teslarati, and a few others. Everyone else who got one this weekend was super quiet about it. Not even the Rivian Stories guys made a lot of noise about it and they got...
  9. New England R1S Deliveries

    Nice. Each time I look at the 22s or the 20s, I change my mind about which rims I want. Those rims look nice.
  10. Four R1S are here at Chelsea MA Rivian Service Center!

    I’m always on the fence about the 20 inches ATs or the 22s for the S because it seems like they keep showing more pictures with them sporting the 22s. However, I still prefer the look of the 20s and that top picture looks good with the El Cap 20” ATs.
  11. Tomorrow is the big day....

    Make sure the flux capacitor is fluxing 😊