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  1. mike813

    Guide Contacted: R1S Ocean Coast | OCT/DEC | Confirm your Config email at 12am Oct 1st

    Well that's fantastic. Congratulations on the great news. Hopefully my confirm config email will come s00n. I'd be happy to jump back to OC if I can still get it this year.
  2. mike813

    Guide Contacted: R1S Ocean Coast | OCT/DEC | Confirm your Config email at 12am Oct 1st

    We'll see. Batching some alternative interior colors on the R1S might help meet Q4 delivery targets from some of us rabid long time preorder holders. But I bet very little is as important as meeting that delivery target number of 25k by 12/31.
  3. mike813

    R1S : Oct-Dec Delivery

    Great news - congrats! @evguy, your theory sounds right to me. Hoping for a batch of CW/BM R1S headed to Florida soon. I sure would like to have mine in time for a thanksgiving road trip - need that guide contact or config confirm email first!
  4. mike813

    Blacked out debadged Midnight R1T

    Looks great! I'm debating to what extent to debadge my R1S when it gets here s00n - I've always debadged my vehicles to some extent. I was thinking of taking the big Rivian off the back, but I may end up leaving it on just to help avoid the "whatizit?" questions from onlookers. Then again...
  5. mike813

    R1S : Oct-Dec Delivery

    My question too. Johnny, please keep us posted on your conversations with your guide. Very interested to see if, in fact, OC delivery gets scheduled. Congrats on the guide contact!
  6. mike813

    Got the Tony Email … and a Guide

    I got the Tony email, still no guide, but I just check again to make sure. Congrats to those of you with the good news today! Keep us posted on progress and timing-
  7. mike813

    R1S : Oct-Dec Delivery

    Checking back on this thread on this last day of September. I wonder how many Aug-Sept window R1S LE preorder holders are still waiting. Anxious for that "confirm your config" email, still no contact for me...
  8. mike813

    R1S : Oct-Dec Delivery

    @surf how was delivery? I'm the same config as you, a couple hours north of you. Hoping for guide contact soon for my Oct-Dec window -
  9. mike813

    R1S batching info from guide: another large batch being pushed out early October

    I'd love to see a batch include mine. Oct-Dec window. Pretty common spec - GW/BM/20s, relatively close to Orlando service center. I saw one in my exact build at the Orlando SC in photos a few weeks ago, still anxiously awaiting the initial guide contact. Hopefully all of you 2018 and 2019...
  10. mike813

    R1S is Semifinalist For North American Utility Vehicle of the Year Award

    As it should be. If the R1S doesn't win the SUV of the year from every publication something is up. In my unbiased opinion. 😂
  11. mike813

    Our R1S is here!

    Congratulations! I'm very happy for you. That's a great looking truck. You shouldn't feel bad to take yours before others, sometimes you have to be lucky and good. Rivian, if you're reading this, I'll be happy to take delivery this weekend of the R1S at the Orlando SC that matches my exact...
  12. mike813

    Lots of R1S at San Francisco Service Center

    Yes, please keep all these photos coming. The first person to spot a customer R1S with FE or OC wins a prize. Is anyone else with a Oct-Dec window logging in to every day to see if you have a guide assigned yet? Anyone else without guide contact already order two sets of crossbars...
  13. mike813

    Show off your Level 2 Home Charger installs here

    Remember, it can be messy!! Just two 50-AMP receptacles for me...
  14. mike813

    Motortrend R1S First Test Review: Another Showstopper

    yes, you should. If you don't have a reason for 20"s due to your use case 21"s are probably the right move
  15. mike813

    Florida Pre-orders

    Chad, congrats and good luck with the delivery! I assume you changed your config to black interior? Anxiously awaiting my guide contact up here in Jax...
  16. mike813

    Email: Ocean Coast Design Update – Dark Ash Wood or Wrapped Vegan Leather

    I like it. I was in camp OC, then switched to black during all the OC delay talks earlier this year. I'd take forest or ocean in a heartbeat, but I'm OK enough with the black to stick with it if I can get my truck this year and take the $7500 tax credit now rather than wait a year... My...
  17. mike813

    R1S Compact Spare Tire - First Look

    interesting. I don't know if I'd rather just have the cargo room, and then get something like this and a full size spare when I'm adventuring further than my local grocery store:
  18. mike813

    " Dig Mode " in the works for inducing smaller turning radius on Rivians (patent)

    This looks like the kind of iterative improvement that will take advantage of the tech in these vehicles. Like a real-world tank turn. I'd still like a full-spin tank turn mode for fun off road, but small improvements like this will make these vehicles even better as the software matures.
  19. mike813

    Kuat NV2 bike rack on R1T

    Thanks all for sharing. I’ve got the 4 bike Kuat nv with the Pivot v2, R1S is supposed to be here by December so I’ll fit and post picks once I have it. This is a super heavy setup with my family’s 4 ebikes, over the tongue weight recommendation on the Jeep and will be close on the R1S. Really...
  20. mike813

    My first mini-trip......It's not a Tesla!! LOL

    I agree with you about the charging advantage approaching zero in the next few years - great point. I'm sure we'll see more and more Rivian charging stations coming over the next year (including one just south of me in Daytona Beach) and before long between Rivian and these other providers...