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  1. Education on Nema 14-50 (50 amp) plug vs 60 amp hardwire

    You would only be unplugging it when u need to replace your wall charger, move it to another location, or plug something else into the receptacle. Otherwise, u leave it plugged in.
  2. Share Your Vehicle Name Here

    I call mine er... 'HiHo Silver' as this came out of my mouth when it was delivered.
  3. Kanundrum's R1S Delivery Build/Review

    Congrats 👏 the wait is finally over and the adventure begins ✨️
  4. Adhesive front license plate

    My guide ask me if i wanted the front plate bracket installed. The SC also called me when my truck arrived there and asked if I still wanted to have it installed. At least in ME, you are responsible to have your front license plate mounted. Regular dealers will have them already mounted in their...
  5. Home Charging: Stops When Level Reached?

    My Grizzl-E EVSE will do the same and top off the truck when asked for.
  6. Manual Tonneau Discussion

    That's what I did. I changed to auto tonneau cover and within days i got the invite to the 'shop'.
  7. Fun with my wife’s Cricut

    Nice:like: i might ask my friend to make one with ME outline.
  8. Southern Maine Meetup

    Great to see these 3 R1Ts together. Hopefully next time we'll see other colors in the lineup. Thanks for the great tour of the place by Jared.
  9. My Ocean Coast R1T is Locked in for Delivery!

    Congrats 👏 you're one step closer to getting your truck 😀
  10. Southern Maine Meetup

    There will be more opportunities later. Enjoy your weekend with your family.
  11. Tomorrow is the big day....

    Congrats. You seems to be well prepared and ready to start your new adventures :like: is it large pack i assume?
  12. Southern Maine Meetup

    When: 28 Aug 9-10AM Where: Throttle Car Club, 10 Dynamic Drive, Scarborough, ME. At least 2 R1T trucks will be available for anyone to check out and ask any questions you may have. Very few have arrived in ME so hopefully those still waiting to get theirs or maybe interested to get one, here's...
  13. R1T Home Delivery - What's Your Experience?

    Same here. Then after my guided experience they drove my traded vehicle back to where the flatbed was parked and drove back to the SC. My truck had 100 miles on delivery day. I'm about over 150 miles from SC and opted home delivery on a Saturday.
  14. Anyone looking at getting a snow plow attaching to front hooks?

    I don't think they designed the truck with snowplowing in mind.
  15. Could Rivian offer a retrofit battery upgrade in future?

    I would not be surprised if that subscription goes up in time, so 18k would not be what the total cost in 10yrs.
  16. New R1T in CT

    Congrats 👏 beautiful truck 😍 now on to your new Adventures ... 😉
  17. Center Console Tray

    Count me in on this
  18. Will I be the only Rivian in New England?

    Congrats. Some folks got their accessories before they even got their truck, or like me when my cargo rails was delivered 2 weeks after my truck was delivered and still waiting on others. I guess it depends on availability of these items.