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  1. Bit of a pickle… home purchase.

    I went through the same thing in May as well and my guide was going to allow me to delay delivery by 4 weeks if needed. The truck purchase ended up not affecting our construction loan or DTI ratio so I ended up not needing to.
  2. Share Your Vehicle Name Here

    Aunt Viv
  3. Hitch cover DIY mod. Ditch the screwdriver!

    How does this affect the efficiency? Can you tell us what kind of range loss you're getting with the increased drag?
  4. Are the 21s not good? Should I opt for the 22s? (I don't offroad at all)

    I went with the 21's after the regret of going with a larger wheel on my model 3. I don't off road so no need for 20's and the range loss wasn't worth it for the 22's
  5. Fun with my wife’s Cricut

    Nice! If ya get more I would buy one from ya.
  6. Ohio Sold: 21” Wheel Assemblies, Aero Covers, DIY Center Caps

    Have 21's as well so no interest but am interested what you replaced these with? I'm looking at some aftermarket AT's or snow tire sets.
  7. A little tip for more HVAC air flow (turn off the air in back)

    You can actually feel yours? I feel nothing with mine on and service says they are working properly.
  8. 21" tire tread wear and mileage.

    I don't have the exact numbers in front of me now but when I measured I believe it was 8.5/32" on the rears and 8/32" on the front. Was going to update when I got home this evening. Lack of my numbers shouldn't prevent other people from sharing theirs however ;)
  9. 21" tire tread wear and mileage.

    Everyone with 21" wheels and a tread depth gauge, please go measure what you currently have and on how many miles. I've got 3500 miles so far and thinking my tread wear is crazy high. Nothing excessive on hard driving but I do have a lot of stops on my daily commute of 12 miles through two...
  10. Upcoming App Update Enables: Triggering the Alarm, Opening the Frunk, and Closing the Windows

    Having a Model 3, I really miss a lot of those controls Tesla integrated down the road. I'm sure Rivian will do the same in time but closing windows from the app is a great start.
  11. Has anyone needed to replace a cracked windshield?

    Have not had to but did see the cost running close to 2K in another post on here or facebook.
  12. What do you want addressed in the next OTA update?

    Driver+ adaptive cruise control is abysmal. The "one" car following length is actually about 1 semi and causes constant slowing down when using. Every single car that passes me, does so well within the length and the vehicle hits the brakes on me. Let us turn off the adaptive feature or make the...
  13. Rivian Registration Data

    When I pull the state level data it shows zero. I took delivery in May but it was not registered until July 15th. This may actually prove that the data is registration driven and therefore will not show up until Q3 closes.
  14. Rivian Registration Data

    Pulled the below data from a resource I have access too. Not positive on where the data comes from but I believe it comes from vehicle registrations on a state level. Doesn't appear the data is completely up to date for the start of quarter. For example, I took delivery of my Adventure in May...
  15. Never received delivery estimate R1S

    I never received a delivery window before taking delivery back in May.
  16. RAN Rivian Charging Stations Locations Map via Google Maps

    They quietly removed their completion goal for this year from their website but no announcements have been made.
  17. Anyone have input on using tesla L2 chargers with R1T?

    Have a lectron adapter that works well. Always glows red at first which induces a slight panic but has always worked.
  18. Aero Covers May Potentially Damage 21" Wheels

    Anyone find a decent solution? PPF? I have scraps left from the Twraps door edge package, maybe a little too thin for permanent solution. 3M interior weather sealing tape? Pretty thick stuff and sticks well, trim off the excess Sand down the ridges on the aero covers?
  19. Cargo crossbar storage ideas?

    Anyone else not keep their crossbars on the truck when not being used? I currently have mine hanging from bike hooks in my garage and am looking for other ideas to store them in the garage. I'm pretty limited on wall space and can't think of any other ideas.