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  1. Kanundrum's R1S Delivery Build/Review

    Awesome to see someone in DC get one! I will watch for you on the beltway :like:
  2. RJ Scaringe on "How I Built This" podcast

    Best part is when he drag races a Ferrari in the Rivian and smokes it 😂.
  3. R1S Updated Delivery Timeframes?

    Post pics once you get it!
  4. R1S Updated Delivery Timeframes?

    We were thinking of a highlander. A bit smaller and not as much towing capacity but probably just enough for our needs. Purchasing an ICE doesn't feel right as we bake in extreme heat :sun::devil:
  5. R1S Updated Delivery Timeframes?

    I’ve been on here long enough to realize that Rivians estimates are pretty much worthless. Guess we will just get what we need now and hope it doesn’t depreciate too much by the time we need to trade it in. I do hate buying a new vehicle within a year of a purchase though. Timing just kind of...
  6. R1S Updated Delivery Timeframes?

    Yeah. I am kind of just trying to gauge whether I should get another vehicle now. We are in desperate need of a seven seater that can tow. I know it’s impossible to figure out deliveries now but was really just trying to see how much someone in a similar situation had been delayed. Just for a...
  7. R1S Updated Delivery Timeframes?

    Yeah I just remember them saying everyone would get an update over the summer. Oh well summers not over yet.
  8. R1S Updated Delivery Timeframes?

    Has anyone besides those with original delivery dates in 2022 received an updated delivery window? Mine was originally 1st half 2023 and I haven’t heard anything. I was just wondering if any other 1st half 2023s had heard anything.
  9. Rivian Rockville, MD Location is Now Open!

    Saw a Rivian Blue on the beltway yesterday and a white a couple of weeks ago. Nice to see some Rivians in the area. Can't wait for the R1Ss to start showing up.
  10. R1S delivery window

    First half of 2023 R1S Adventure Forest Green DC Metro Aug 2021 pre-order
  11. Crate EV Systems announced by ford

    Thats pretty awesome. I have been thinking about doing that myself. I saw a sweet Porsche 912 that had an electric conversion and I have been dying to do it ever since.
  12. R1T vs. Cybertruck vs. F150 Lightning: Ben Sullins' thoughts after riding in each

    Toyota quality is unbelievably awesome. I hope these electric vehicles can get half the life of a Toyota ICE.
  13. Rivian swag received

    I am jealous. I just got an artists rendering of the R1S. Would have loved a water bottle and some stickers.
  14. R1T w/ boat in tow @ Dana Point, CA [Videos]

    Who needs a reason? In all seriousness I think it is kind of cool they are giving them to employees first. They had to know that people would get pissed about it but they did it anyway. It is pretty rare for a company to choose their employees over customers. I would want to work for a...
  15. Upcoming "First Mile" Mobile Test Drive Cities Announced - Chicago, Dallas, Denver, LA, Seattle, San Francisco

    I know! DC doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of love from Rivian. Maybe there aren’t that many preorders from the DMV.
  16. Towing Spy Shot - R1T Tows ATC Trailer

    It seems to me that asking range questions is fair game. Real world numbers can obviously differ greatly from the info the mfg puts out. Everyone understands you will get less range while towing but understanding how much less based on real world examples is very helpful to those considering...
  17. R1T Reviews Master List: JRE, Rivian Stories, Jalopnik, Inside EVs, KBB, Roadshow, ETC

    Does Jalopnik a a review out? It is mentioned in the title of this thread but I don't see a link and I don't see it on their site. Maybe I am just missing it?