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  1. Photo request: R1S vs other SUV size comparisons

    Now that we are seeing some if the forum members receiving their R1S', I was wondering if the owners can share some pics of R1S next to other suv's if possible so that we can get an idea of how it compares in size. This helps folks in the community to get some insights. Thanks in advance for...
  2. First Mile Demo Drive- Kansas City KS

    Hello All, Wanted to check if anyone here got a chance to be at First Mile Demo Drive at Kansas City. If yes, what colors were available when you stopped by. I have my test drive event this weekend.
  3. Samsung in Talks to Build Normal Plant Near Rivian

    Samsung in talks to build Normal plant, Durbin says
  4. what will we learn this week(06/24-06/26)?

    any guess' what Rivian might share information this week as it is thursday already? my guess is "Nothing"
  5. 400+ miles announced??

    Saw this one the story of clubrivian on instagram where someone's configuration says 400+ miles. Has anybody else noticed the 400+ miles battery pack being offered in the configurator?
  6. Rivian Warranty

    Here’s to many years ahead. When you take delivery, it’s just the beginning. We developed our warranties to keep you covered for years to come. Comprehensive 5 years or 60,000 miles Battery Pack 8 years or 175,000 miles Drivetrain 8 years or 175,000 miles Corrosion 8...
  7. Rivian Deleting Old Videos?

    I was browsing thru the videos posted by Rivian on their youtube channel. Surprisingly, I do not see the video where it starts with RJ saying "Yeah, i started the company when was 26" and in the video, they show people from different companies where they worked. Any idea if we can find that video?
  8. Cross bars are standard or optional accessory?

    Any idea if the two cross bars will be included with every vehicle or do we have to purchase them after market from rivian store?
  9. No clarity on bumper brackets placement yet!!‍♂️‍♂️

    I was browsing through the site and saw two different variations of where the bumper brackets are placed. The video shows at a different location compared to the first image that pops up when viewing r1s. I think Rivian Marketing team should have caught this before publishing the images to live...
  10. Rivian ford partnership to resume

    Just came across this article. I'll be curious to see what vehicle they might be developing. Ford explorer may be? Comment your thoughts
  11. AC 110V power outlet

    Has anyone ever heard or wondered if Rivian will include a AC 110V power outlet? I think thats commonly offered in SUV's these days. Any thoughts?
  12. Dimensions?

    Has anyone wondered about the dimensions of R1S and R1T? I'm just trying to imagine how tall/long and wide both r1s and r1t would be compared to other vehicles in the market segment. For example, which vehicle can we compare R1s with? A ford expedetion or a gmc Yukon or a chevy suburban...
  13. Nebraska

    Anyone from Nebraska?
  14. Windshield Wiper Fluid Dispensers

    Hello Everyone!! Has anyone ever wondered where the windshield wiper fluid dispensers are placed and also where the fluid is stored? There is no place in the frunk to pour the fluid and also no dispensers on the hood. :surprised::fingerscrossed::confused::facepalm: