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  1. twinprice

    Virginia Electric Vehicle Rebate Program (Tax Code: 45.2-1728)

    Does anyone know if Rivian qualifies for the Virginia EV Rebate which started on 1/1/2022? Its in the tax code 45.2-1728 here Code of Virginia Code - Article 8. Electric Vehicle Rebate Program states: " A. Beginning January 1, 2022, a resident of the Commonwealth who purchases a new electric...
  2. twinprice

    Rivian Eventual L3 and Data Gathering

    I for one can't wait for my RS1 and then the eventual L3 capability down the road, but here is my question: After reading a number of articles surrounding autonomous driving, Tesla always comes up as the current winner for being the farthest ahead with their system. Excluding the arguments...