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  1. R1T Won’t Stop Running At Home

    Curious if anyone else has had this issue. I’ve got proximity disabled at home and park it a garage. Once I get home for the day, I’ll plug it in to charge for the night and walk away. Sometimes I’ll come back like an hour later only to find the fans still running and the AC still running on the...
  2. Pedal Possibly Not Raising Completely

    I’ve started to notice that when I come up to a stop light that my truck won’t come to a complete stop. It inches ever so slowly forward sometimes until I take my foot and put it underneath the pedal to raise it up. It doesn’t feel like it moves at all, but the truck immediately comes to a...
  3. Locking Rivian at 40amps Charging

    I've got a home charger that I installed that's connected to a NEMA 14-50 outlet. It's rated at 40amps and when I limit the Rivian to 40amps via the infotainment it works great. The catch however is that everytime I unplug the Rivian, it resets the setting to 48 amps and if I plug it back it, it...
  4. Rivian announces: No more configurator builder upon reserving a Rivian

    I made my R1S reservation yesterday, but it looks like they changed the setup so that you no longer build it and then pay for the reservation. Looks like I made my reservation just in time. Updated with email from Rivian confirming this: