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  1. R1S : Oct-Dec Delivery

    It’s been ready since 3/2019 😂 Rivian charger getting installed Monday.
  2. Emblem Blackout

    Looks sharp!!
  3. R1S : Oct-Dec Delivery

    Oh shit. I just realized we are the same config and the same reservation from 3/2019!!
  4. R1S : Oct-Dec Delivery

    Congrats!! I got my lock on Monday 9/26. Tuesday 9/27 got my Vin 432 and 7 steps done. They are saying approx 6 weeks for transport from factory on rail out west. Sat I got my charger. So who knows how long.
  5. Limestone Launch Edition R1S Delivered: Impressions & Photos

    Thank you for the tip. Also thank you for the many images of your Limestone R1S. You have provided the most that I’ve seen. Love the way it looks so different with different lighting.
  6. Limestone Launch Edition R1S Delivered: Impressions & Photos

    I hope they don’t install the license plate on the front too! That would really piss me off.
  7. Limestone Launch Edition R1S Delivered: Impressions & Photos

    Absolutely love it! So glad you love it! I just completed my 7 sets and waiting for my 8th step. The exact configuration but with a spare. Vin 432. Are we close in vin? I am assuming mine is after yours.
  8. Delivered! Forest Green Launch Edition R1S

  9. Trade-in offer and process?

    I have checked 3 places and so far Rivian is the highest offer plus adding the tax credit for my state. I have to check Carmax today or tomorrow.
  10. R1S : Oct-Dec Delivery

    Just win the Rivian Lottery. Many from 2018 with your configuration not delivered. I know of one from 10/2020 reservation that just got your configuration. Most are 2018-2019 reservation holders right now.
  11. R1S : Oct-Dec Delivery

    Certainly have thought about it. 😂
  12. R1S : Oct-Dec Delivery

    I would reach out to your guide. I would think they could match you to a vehicle.
  13. R1S : Oct-Dec Delivery

    Love that you said that. I kept changing in between White and Limestone!! I hope that it comes sooner than 6-8 weeks. They said they are using rail now to save costs and damages in transit. We shall see.
  14. R1S : Oct-Dec Delivery

    Oct-Dec eta. Guide intro on Monday 9/26. Vin 432 assigned 9/27. 8 Steps 9/27. Vehicle is in Normal finishing up and awaiting transport by train to the West Coast. Could be 6-8 weeks they say. 3/2019 reservation holder. Las Vegas. 10 miles from service center. R1S, LIMESTONE, BM, UNDERBODY, 20AT...
  15. R1S batching info from guide: another large batch being pushed out early October

    I hope this is true. 3/2019 reservation holder. Oct-Dec eta. Still haven’t heard anything. I see another local in my area get the same configuration coming next week. However they ordered 10/2020. A year and a half after me and get delivery before? Makes no sense. I’m happy for them winning the...
  16. Kanundrum's R1S Delivery Build/Review

    Congrats!! Hope someday soon for me!
  17. Our R1S is here!

    That’s what I’m saying!
  18. Our R1S is here!

    That's ok. Rivian will give your window to someone who ordered a year after you.