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  1. JG Rivian

    Ford invests $500M in Rivian! Partnership to deliver all-new Ford EV

    Bet Ford was too far down the electric F-150 rabbit hole to pull development there.
  2. JG Rivian

    Rivian R1S in many different colors

    Like that steel blue; however, that forest green with contrast black roof is going to be hard to pass on though.
  3. JG Rivian

    R1S looking more and more like Range Rover

    Agreed that R1S does look similar in design to the full size Range Rover. I like the R1T but the R1S is more my style. If I were to go the truck route I would probably want it to be a little larger like the Ford Raptor. Size not necessary, but I always said if I bought a truck it would need to...
  4. JG Rivian

    Amazon leads $700M investment for Rivian

    Having Amazon as a financial investor at this stage sends a serious signal that this company is going to come to market in 2020. What happens after release is still up in the air. Rivian is targeting a very specific part of the market that isn’t necessarily the poster child for EV adoption due...
  5. JG Rivian

    Video Preview of Rivian's Infotainment / Digital Dash Technology

    High level the interface is nice and clean. The car display when driving seems pretty basic. Hope this evolves and features more detail like Tesla does for their autopilot. Will be interesting to see what if any music streaming service providers Rivian will partner with. With the recent Amazon...
  6. JG Rivian

    Request to focus Ride Comfort for R1S

    If I were to bet the drive will likely be closer to that of a Range Rover than a Model X. Poised on and off-road but still responsive. Don’t think the market here wants to be floating on a cloud, but they do want a smooth ride for the price.
  7. JG Rivian

    Rivian R1S Electric SUV Debuts in Los Angeles

    Excited to follow the developments here. I love my Tesla performance model 3 but miss the ride height of a bigger car. If the specs mentioned come to fruition, this is going to be an awesome ride. 3 second 0-60 big fully electric SUV to take out to national parks and off-road... doesn’t sound...