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    Captains Chairs in middle row?

    My understanding is that the mandate is for a minimum of 3 top tethers, but only 2 sets of bottom anchors. Plenty of cars out there have the center position share a bottom anchor with one of the sides, or have no center anchors at all. Considering the size of the R1S, hopefully Rivian will...
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    Captains Chairs in middle row?

    As a father with 3 young kids planning on choosing the 135 kWh version, I am hoping to be able to put my 2 youngest in 5 point seats in the middle row and my eldest in a full back booster in the third row. I would keep the other 3rd row seat down for cargo. This could only work if the second row...
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    Canadian made or designed EVSEs

    I started shopping for EVSEs as a way to soothe myself from the Rivian information trickle :) I already have a NEMA 6-50 plug in my garage on a 50amp circuit. I understand a plug-in charger will limit me to 9.6kW: I am thinking I would upgrade to hardwired to reach the Rivian’s 11kW maximum if...
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    Rivian R1T Colors - Previews

    I agree, it would be nice for the reservation holders to get something this year: Colors, seat options…anything. Where was it officially said the configurator was only coming on line Q2 2020, by representatives at events? On December 4th 2018 the Rivian Twitter account had said it would be ‘late...
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    Any other Canadians on this group yet?

    Hey salty! Funny, I am ex CAF as well, retired after 20 last year to take care of my 3 young children for a few years. Gave my deposit for an R1S last feb to hopefully replace my minivan soon...
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    Any other Canadians on this group yet?

    Montrealer here: Gave a deposit for an R1S on Feb 3rd.