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  1. Mjhirsch78

    Another Truck Concept - Nikola Badger

    I appreciate learning.
  2. Mjhirsch78

    Another Truck Concept - Nikola Badger

    Doesn’t hydrogen have the same infrastructure problem as gasoline? Consumers would have to go to an outside location to refill hydrogen. I would imagine hydrogen would be much more expensive to build and maintain for a fueling station than a row of charging stations. Perhaps I am wrong. But if...
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    Shhh...Don’t Tell Anyone the Rain Isn’t *That* Bad

    Olympic Peninsula here and got an R1T reservation in. So excited to finally wave at you all as we pass on the gravel.
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    Rivian Eventual L3 and Data Gathering

    On the video posted by EVian jump to 1:30 to hear the companies speeding up data gathering.
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    Lower than previously announced pricing coming according to Reuters (69k for mid range)!

    180 kWh battery 400 miles Average nightly off-peak kWh rate $0.15 (This is WA rate) At $1000 a month we would have to be driving 14k miles a month.
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    Interview video from San Fran with Brian Gase, R.J.

    These folks impress me every time they discuss their vision. Just a few of the coolest bits: - no wasted space in the truck - 6ft guy fitting in the third row of the SUV - Up to 300W charging - Rivian network centered around major adventure destinations (hopefully our backyard here near the...
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    Rivian Waiting Room: Have you pre-ordered with deposit?

    Officially preordered. Last on the list for now!
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    So No Deliveries in 2020?

    This quote made my day. That’s all. Carry on with the cool conversation. You folks are a great end to my day everyday. So thank you!
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    Bidirectional home chargers

    With the Quasar charger at CES pushing the idea of chargers at home that can turn the Rivian into a battery for the few times a year we lose power, what hurdles do we have to this becoming a reality? For those of you with a broader knowledge of all the options and hurdles, what are we up...
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    Novice to EVs but a question?

    Rivian will likely have an optional backup battery option. They have the patent for it and know it will be something customers want. The range concern is a creation of the folks...
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    Ford Mach E Specs & Pics Leaked

    The whole package of the truck, the Mustang, or the Odyssey includes the clearance, the distance, the storage, and the towing. Again, if the Mustang works for you, cool. But to argue it is a fair equivalent to the R1T or even an Odyssey indicates the buyer doesn’t need all the features and is...
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    Tesla Truck Unveiling 11/21

    Nailed it.
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    Tesla Truck Unveiling 11/21

    The presentation was cringe-worthy. Is Elon always like that? The design is absolutely not my thing. Sometimes too different can be a hard sell. Interesting note: According to their configurator, the truck will be released late 2021 for dual motor and late 2022 for tri-motor.
  14. Mjhirsch78

    Ford Mach E Specs & Pics Leaked

    To argue this vehicle does the job over an R1T means the driver doesn’t need the full skill set of the R1T in the first place. I live in the country. I have for 20 years now. This Mustang will not handle the snow covered roads where we used to live or the rain covered roads where we currently...
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    Tesla Truck Unveiling 11/21

    We will hold your Internet forum badge in a secure location until game day. Play on!
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    "69k to start" and general pricing speculation

    This thread is fulfilling.
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    Rivian R1T Colors - Previews

    Sunshine yellow would be amazing
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    What would you like to see on your new Rivian or from the Rivian company??

    Big priorities: 1. Repair when it inevitably gets dinged up on our Washington gravel. Trails outside Olympic National Park, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Rainier all have rough roads and knowing we can get our baby fixed up fairly easily when the big stuff inevitably cracks would be a huge relief. 2...