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  1. Jason's Rivian

    Custom electric camp stove for the gear tunnel debuts at Overland Expo

    Emissions free cooking :like::rock: And is that a new tent accessory? Haven't seen it before.
  2. Jason's Rivian

    Rivian setting stage for introduction of a test drive program

    Good idea. I hope they will bring out other pickups and SUVs to compare live against on an obstacle course. It won't even be a fair fight though since there's really no EV competitors in the pickup and SUV segments (except Model X).
  3. Jason's Rivian

    Take away from NY Auto Show (pics)

    Awesome info thanks for sharing! Did you happen to ask about plans for servicing / service centers? This is the first time I've seen the color pallet too. Must be the first time they've had it out on display at an auto show. Did they mention if these are the color options we'll be choosing...
  4. Jason's Rivian

    Ford invests $500M in Rivian! Partnership to deliver all-new Ford EV

    Maybe as part of the deal Ford has agreed not to use the skateboard platform for a pickup or SUV which will compete directly with the R1T or R1S, either permanently or for a certain number of years. I don't think the electric F-150 will really be competing directly with the R1T. One is an ICE...
  5. Jason's Rivian

    "Fake" artificial engine and interior sounds

    Porsche's approach with the upcoming Porsche Taycan EV is they'll be giving the driver the option of turning the generated sound on or off. The sound when turned on is supposed to be an electric engine sound. It'll be interesting to see what Rivian's approach is, or maybe they won't bother with...
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    Going offroad in your Rivian

    I will. Rivian would be happy to see the results of this poll so far!
  7. Jason's Rivian

    Rivian stores, showroom and direct sales?

    Sounds like a complete $#[email protected] with this retail closure chaos right now, with Tesla employees even calling bullshit on Musk's claims. Real eye opening article just published @ Tesla Employees Call 'Bullshit' On Online Sales Claims Amid Retail Closure Chaos Tesla sounds like a bad place to...
  8. Jason's Rivian

    Rivian has four new models in development!

    Seems they're pretty focused to me from what Scaringe has been saying. The only instance he's spoken about other models is when talking about the rally model to come after the R1T and R1S. Just because they said they're designing other cars for the future doesn't mean they're going in so many...
  9. Jason's Rivian

    Rivian has four new models in development!

    Bollinger is currently nowhere as close to a fully baked company and operation as Rivian though. And even if they successfully make the B1 or B2 (I'm rooting that they do) they'll still be very niche vehicles, which is great for exclusivity but bad for service/repairs/resale.
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    Rivian "Lunar Rock" Launch Edition - Any info?

    Pretty cool they already thought about a launch edition and made it an Easter egg on the concept R1S. So the R1T didn't have this too?
  11. Jason's Rivian

    Rivian Factory Plant in Normal, IL and Headquarters in Plymouth, MI

    Some pics of the Rivian headquarters in Plymouth, Michigan. Seems like a nice place to work and they went with a tech company feel inside.
  12. Jason's Rivian

    Video Preview of Rivian's Infotainment / Digital Dash Technology

    I'd also like the Rivian's cameras to act as a dash cam with recording ability. Tesla's front camera and side cameras all have "dash cam" recording abilities now, so no reason why Rivian's won't be able to. Just a matter of whether Rivian decides to give us this ability. Memory is so cheap these...
  13. Jason's Rivian

    Why such a "Simple Stick Man" front-end appearance?

    Whatever they do, even if they change up styling a little for production, I hope they keep the shared LED lightbar theme between the front and rear end. I think the long lightbar gives the Rivians a cohesive look and identity.
  14. Jason's Rivian

    Rivian Factory Plant in Normal, IL and Headquarters in Plymouth, MI

    Hadn't seen a photo of the Rivian production plant before. Here's the factory where our Rivians will be born :party:
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    Amazon leads $700M investment for Rivian

    Do we know how much funding Rivian has had to date after this Amazon investment? I'm curious because it took Tesla $2 billion to bring the Model S to market. :surprised:
  16. Jason's Rivian

    Charging multiple EV’s at home

    So if you already have a Tesla HPWC installed you'll just charge your Rivian by using an SAE J1772 adapter all the time on one of the charging cables? Any difference in throughput when charging via SAE J1772 adapter?
  17. Jason's Rivian

    Video Preview of Rivian's Infotainment / Digital Dash Technology

    Yea I can't imagine HUD technology being that expensive to implement. Even Chevys have them now. Instead we get to look forward to even more driver distracting screen layouts like this concept from CES. And a screen in the middle of the steering wheel :CWL: And like this article says, all...
  18. Jason's Rivian

    Video Preview of Rivian's Infotainment / Digital Dash Technology

    Yup, I'd rather have the choice of not having to glance over at a center console screen for vital info like speed, speed limit. What's surprising to me actually is that neither Rivian nor Tesla has introduced head-up display in their vehicles, considering how technology laden their cars are...
  19. Jason's Rivian

    Possible First Peek at Rivian's Future Rally Model

    So are we talking about a WRX type vehicle or something that'll create its own niche and segment? Just hope that the Rally Rivian is not an answer to a question that nobody is asking (or buying). Even with Amazon's recent investment, I'm sure Rivian's cash burn rate is high, so I'd hate to see...