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    Ford invests $500M in Rivian! Partnership to deliver all-new Ford EV

    New meaning to those F150 bodied prototypes Rivian was using to test the skateboard platform...?
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    LIVE from Rivian's NY Auto Show Preview Event! (Q&A and R1T / R1S Hands-On)

    Nice!! Was hoping someone here would live post from the event. Looks like a big turn out. Are they letting anyone sit in it??
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    Rivian confirmed for NY Auto Show, with pre-show invite only event

    Please do! Hope they allow pics and videos since it's not like this is some kind of sneak peek. But it will be good to see some actual potential buyers get up close and help us on the forum answer a few burning questions.
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    Rivian R1S in many different colors

    Was he talking about the R1T, R1S or both? Did he say whether the 8 colors would be the same for both? Btw- my vote is for the blue grayish one. Something about the louder colors that don't look right to me, maybe it's the boxy design it just doesn't go well.
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    Rivian confirmed for NY Auto Show, with pre-show invite only event

    Is everyone who preordered getting an invite to this private event in NY? If not who is it being sent to?
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    Why such a "Simple Stick Man" front-end appearance?

    That's actually not bad. I can't put my finger on it but it reminds me of something..
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    Surprising things about the R1T

    Here's a question about the gear tunnel storage - can it be opened without the vehicle powered on? Is the locking mechanism separately controlled by remote?
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    Rivian "Lunar Rock" Launch Edition - Any info?

    I saw this in one of the other threads. This badging was spotted on the R1S at one of the auto shows (attached pics). Do we have any other info or speculation on this Lunar Rock launch edition? I wonder if all early orders will receive this special edition or it will be a separate package that...
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    Rivian stores, showroom and direct sales?

    If they could just have some pop up store type things like you see in malls so you can at least touch/sit in one I'd be good with that. The details about ride, driving experience I'm ok relying on the media reviews. It's just a lot of $$ to drop without even seeing it in person. And just...
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    Why such a "Simple Stick Man" front-end appearance?

    I did not realize that since it looks so "finished" I thought we were looking at the production form. I wonder what design changes they will make and whether they might even rename the R1T and R1S to something more "catchy" ?
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    Rivian Servicing & Repairs?

    I can see Rivian adopting Tesla’s mobile service model for non major repairs. My neighbor has had them come out to his house for his Model S and he was real happy with it. They fixed his door handle issue and also offered to rotated his wheels on the spot right in his garage. What remains to be...
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    Rivian Pricing Targets Loaded F-150, Denali, Suburban, Land Rover Discovery

    I'd love to see Rivian come out with a vehicle at a more midrange price like the Model 3, but from RJ's comments it doesn't sound like he is interested in entering that space at all. Even with economies of scale and Tesla's success I think I read they lose about $5K on each Model 3 sold. For a...
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    Surprising things about the R1T

    Very cool! It'd be even better if it self charges (or does it?). I love these innovative little easter eggs which you rarely find on "traditional" vehicles.
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    R1T $69,000 starting price - opinions

    That's great news, thanks for letting me know! I may go ahead and put down a deposit on R1T for now then. I'd really love to see both in person first. It will be interesting to see if Rivian has the same trim levels and options for both, with same price scaling, given the R1S starts at a...
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    R1T $69,000 starting price - opinions

    Totally agree if they deliver on the promised performance I think it offers a ton of features and innovation for the money compared to the others. The big unknown for me is how much the options will cost and what a fully loaded one will cost. I see you preordered a R1S. Care to share your...
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    Revealed: Rivian Patent For Auxiliary Battery Module To Achieve 400+ Miles Range

    I had the same question. I can't see them not offering it for the R1S, since range will likely be an even bigger concern for the SUV than the truck. It would also be a totally arbitrary decision that will hurt R1S sales, unless they plan to have the R1T come at a higher premium to upsell people...
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    Request to focus Ride Comfort for R1S

    Thanks for the input. I think and this is just a guess like others have said they may try to let the adjustable air suspension take care of that by allowing both R1T and R1S owners to adjust for on-road comfort or off-road capability. That way the suspension can be engineered the same way to...
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    Surprising things about the R1T

    Thanks for the info guys. Now what other major hidden feature am I missing? :)
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    Surprising things about the R1T

    Stupid question but the plastic storage pullouts are not actually going to be part of the gear tunnel right? From other pictures it shows it's lined with cloth. I'm also wondering if anyone will attempt to drive with the door/step down and longer gear (skis, fishing poles) sticking out.
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    Request to focus Ride Comfort for R1S

    With the R1S being 44lbs lighter, 15" shorter length and shorter wheelbase, how do you all think the ride quality will feel compared to the R1T? I'm considering both and will be doing limited off roading so like the OP the comfort of the ride on roads really matters.