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    Buying Rivian this year

    GIG, I would recommend they get a reservation in, if they don't already. They may be able to get a F-150 electric in second half of 2022. That would be my second choice. I would also say in regards to getting a Rivian earlier, Where there is a will there is a way... although likely it would...
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    What We Know - Collecting Information Directly From Rivian

    Same here, I'm sure this is widespread condition.
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    Does the Forest Edge interior match ANY exterior paint color besides Launch Green?

    I also configured forest edge and launch green together. I'm not crazy about the interior color options. I was hoping for a rich brown tobacco or camel color pallet... First world problems.
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    Rivian factory update from VP of Manufacturing Erik Fields

    I seem to recall RJ, I believe, saying that they liked the primer color so much they were releasing a paint color based off it.
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    What We Know - Collecting Information Directly From Rivian

    Have they considered snow & ice buildup obstructing this button from use? Also concerning is placing any buttons on any horizontal surface of a vehicle in regards to water/ shorting the wiring. Not to mention what about loads blocking the button, as mentioned prior. Requiring use of an app all...
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    Official Rivian Merchandise Store Coming Soon

    Since we are not able to get the unique prototype wraps factory applied at launch maybe Rivian could allow their supplier to sell the wrap material to pre-order holders. Not sure if these designs have copyright protections, if not they may want to get on that. It would not surprise me to see...
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    Official Rivian Merchandise Store Coming Soon

    My experience as well that people are very impressed with Rivian after I explain the company and direct them to the website they have never heard of.
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    Official Rivian Merchandise Store Coming Soon

    Not disagreeing but it's still just a possible excuse. 10 year-olds set up companies to sell crap, nobody saying the automotive arm would need/ want to get involved in the sticker business. I don't find it surprising that industrious people would pirate goods with Rivian logo when Rivian won't...
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    Official Rivian Merchandise Store Coming Soon

    Not condoning copyright infringement (biconsulting post) but is it really that hard to choose a vendor and throw some logo's on official licensed promo items. Rivian needs to pick up their game here. It's not as if it would detract from final design/ production of auto's, engineers aren't...
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    Processer chip constraints
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    Poll on additional cost for 400 mile version

    I may be eating crow on this one. Since I gave the caveat of not currently owning an EV and stating 400 mile range is rarely needed in my last post I did a little more study of my assumptions. I assumed I could make a 256 mile round trip from my house to watch Buffalo Bills home games without...
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    Poll on additional cost for 400 mile version

    Firstly this will be my first Full EV so take the following with a grain of salt. I think 400 mile range is only needed as a security blanket for range anxiety for most people 99% of the time. Personally, based on my past 10-15 years of actual driving history I would have only required DC fast...
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    Rivian Amazon Van starts deliveries making lots of noise

    This will be my first full EV and it sounds like this regulation is new but I was unaware of this prior to this post. Hopefully regulators will not require high db. level. It makes sense that the noise should indicate motion, not just playing Katy Perry or Cardi B. Hopefully this is...
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    I hope Rivian can eventually target more middle class consumers

    Looking at Pew research #'s for middle class is household income of $52,280-$117,750. I personally feel these values are to low, considering in much of the U.S. a maried couple working full time for minimum wage would earn nearly the low end figure. I don't believe Rivian should design autos to...
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    Processer chip constraints

    Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about production delays concerning processer chip delays? I've read several articles about about general shortages in chip manufacturing affecting auto manufacturing, both Ford and VW have had to reduce production forecast for 2021 due to chip constraints.
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    Rivian may offer factory wraps

    I emailed customer support on 1/12/21 to express interest in purchasing a factory vinyl wrap. Unfortunately this was the resopnse "WE value your input, and iI'll be sure to pass that along! We won't have vehicle wraps available at launch. Anything is possible for the future!" While I think...