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    R1T validation prototype model spotted

    anyone know the significance of these stickers? The R1T in the Long Way Up reunion video had a New York sticker on it. And I could have sworn I’ve seen one with a Tennessee sticker.
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    Amazon Van prototype spotted with R1T testing in Irvine, California (pics)

    I understand the Amazon van is built for practical purposes and not for aesthetics - but yikes that thing is rough on the eyes. :) Maybe it's a photo perspective thing, but it also looks HUGE.
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    Rivian announces 7-Seat version with longer range

    Coming from driving a Tesla also, I've always thought that the Super Charger Network is one of Tesla's biggest advantages over up-and-coming rivals (that and their technology, obviously). One of my only reservations on switching to a Rivian is the charging network (or lack thereof at the...
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    Rivian Camp Kitchen won't prevent use of gear tunnel

    Does anyone know how heavy it is? I'm just curious about how "easy" to remove it really is - i.e., can one person do it by them self?
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    What time

    Funny, I was also going to write that I doubt it was deception and more of the market research they've done lends itself to offering the mid-sized pack first. I've seen a number of people mad about this, but I'm in the other camp - I don't have a need for 400+ miles of range so I was thrilled...