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    Rivian and Mercedez Benz Electric Van Partnership
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    "We'd Love to Hear From You" - Rivian Survey

    Got a survey from Rivian just now. Did others receive this as well? Hi Sam, Since the launch of the R1T and R1S at the LA Auto Show in 2018, our team has worked hard to keep a pulse on the growing Rivian community. We’ve collected feedback through our Customer Engagement Center, Guides...
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    Email: Road Tripping in a Rivian

    Did everyone get this? At the top it says "Prepare for Rivian's Digital Purchasing Experience". Does this mean my process will be starting soon? Confused. Looks like a canned email. Prepare for Rivian’s Digital Purchasing Experience A good North...
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    EV heat pump can extend range up to 10 percent

    They mention Rivian and how they do it differently than others.