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  1. Official email: R1T Tonneau Cover Replacement in the works

    Contact service. They can get it to the open position for you
  2. 2022.35 OTA software update rumors?

    That’s not proximity unlocking, it’s touch. Kinda different. I know what you’re saying, though, I liked that feature on my old IS350.
  3. 2022.35 OTA software update rumors?

    How is the fob unlike every other manufacturer right now? Honestly curious. I don't use it much because the phone has worked perfectly for me, but I can understand not loving the PaaK option. The reason I don't use the fob is both because I don't like one more thing in my pocket and because...
  4. How long have you waited for service?

    I started submitting tickets and was contacted about a week or two after the first of 3 tickets. They scheduled service for me 3-4 weeks away from when they finally reached back out to me. I've added another 3-4 tickets which they've been able to add to the same service appointment, which is...
  5. RIVIAN BLUE Rivian Club & Photos

    Local microbrewery's panels right there. Sadly not mine!
  6. RIVIAN BLUE Rivian Club & Photos

    Did a "Waterless" car wash the other day on this thing and got what I felt like was a nice picture of it. So of course I'm sharing!
  7. Quad Motor $2000 price increase, now $8000!

    I completely agree. If we were in the market for a second Rivian, I'd order the dual-motor version without hesitation
  8. Air compressor running frequency

    I've been having an issue with my air compressor running on its own somewhat frequently. While I have a service request in (and my appt isn't for another two weeks), I'm curious if this is normal behavior or not. Does anybody else experience their air compressor running after you've completed...
  9. Rivian iOS App - Battery Usage

    it’s in my garage all day while I’m in the living room kind of across the house. I’ve seen talk of a 300’ radius, and I’m definitely within that number
  10. Rivian iOS App - Battery Usage

    Not sure what there is to do from my end. It wasn’t that bad the first week or two I had the car. Now it’s been awful for about a week.
  11. Rivian iOS App - Battery Usage

    Nobody has commented here in months but whoa boy, the current versions of apps and firmware as of September 18, 2022 is awful. The app is absolutely crushing my iphone battery right now.
  12. Always on fog lights?

    That sounds hyperbolic. Foglights are aimed super low and wide, and they are in no way getting to the eyes of oncoming drivers.
  13. Always on fog lights?

    Yeah, I haven't found one. I used to always have my foglight on, but now it's only if they're really necessary. Maybe that'll change in the future with a software update
  14. Tonneau cover issues

    So I've been submitting a list of service items to Rivian over these 2.5 weeks I've had my truck. Mostly cosmetic stuff, but there are some weird behaviors that may be the whole axle issue people are experiencing. Either way, my truck was delivered with a broken tonneau, it was closed and...
  15. Low speed 'Tocking' when stopping or starting

    Yeah, I get the noise when I'm reversing in low speed, but not so much forward. If it's a matter of throwing grease on something and torquing down some nuts, I'd be happy to do so myself. I already have 3 service calls in and pending, and I'm not sure if this warrants yet another.
  16. [MA] MOR-EV $7500 Rebate Guide

    They just got back to me, you do need either an image of the certificate of origin or the door card. I photocopied my certificate of origin but only the back side, so I've just sent them the image I took of the door card. Just a heads-up for everybody else.
  17. Tonneau cover issues

    The fact that newly built trucks are still having lots of problems doesn't bode well for the rest of us to get ours fixed any time soon, either. Service centers will be overwhelmed with vehicles to replace these parts on. I can't imagine it's going to be a quick/easy replacement of parts...
  18. Time for a Lube Party... Dry Lube = answer to the tonneau cover issues

    Another anecdote that doesn't prove a damn thing... I'd also read in the forums some rumors that a new tonneau design was implemented somewhere around VIN 8k or 9k. Mine being 85xx, I was hopeful. When I picked up my truck, tonneau was dead from the start. It's closed and won't budge and the...
  19. [MA] MOR-EV $7500 Rebate Guide

    Hmm,I didn't send them the picture of the door card to show GWVR, but I included the page from the owner's manual. You'd also like to think since they've already approved a bunch of R1Ts, it shouldn't be an issue, anyway. Here's to waiting a few weeks and then finding out!
  20. HiRes Audio and Sources

    No, I just don't think it's important at all. I've had a car with AA, I kinda hated it.