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  1. Brewbud

    Thuren Fabrication R1T and R1S Luv Coming?

    I am looking forward to the possibilities. Don Thuren is a wizard with offroad suspensions in the Ram community. I would love to see some beefier suspension components or other hard parts offered. Better tie rods would be a start IMO. Other than being a fan of their work, I have no...
  2. Brewbud

    Rivian serviced called me - telemetry torque data not uploading

    I made an appointment to have my driver door aligned. Appointment is tomorrow. I just received a voice message from the service center. They said the telemetry torque data is not being uploaded so they want to take a look at that too. Anyone had a similar thing happen? A quick search didn't...
  3. Brewbud

    California WTB 20" spare tire - Found

    Looking for a 20" whee/tirel to use for a spare for my R1T. Rivian says maybe by the end of the year.
  4. Brewbud

    Gear Tunnel and Frunk size

    Has anybody seen measurements for the frunk and gear tunnel? I am curious if my ARB fridge will fit in the frunk. It looks wide enough but I am not sure about the depth. I am also curious about the width at the top and bottom of the trapezoid shape of the gear tunnel. Height would be very...