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  1. Carmelbythesea

    Ready for delivery

    Found this in my truck tonight, when it finally came back after two weeks. Found it entertaining.
  2. Carmelbythesea

    “ Vehicle battery issue”

    I’ve searched the forum and can’t seem to find anyone that has received this warning that I got this morning. I see a few posts about critical warnings but none of these. Went out to truck this AM got in and hit seat heater and steering wheel. Then this popped up. I freaked out. Took a photo...
  3. Carmelbythesea

    Where in the world are my All-Weather Floor Mats!?

    Anyone else waiting on the All-Weather Floor Mats? Been over a month+. These weird floor mats that come with the truck are bowing up on the edges and some of the corners. I was told a week before my truck came that it would 2-3 weeks. When I reached out Rivian no guidance. Trying to see if...
  4. Carmelbythesea

    Modified: Matte black 21" wheels and matte black back bumper on R1T

    Rattled it all matte black. These are the 21” wheels and they look so much better all black.
  5. Carmelbythesea

    Loss of power when switching drive modes while going uphill...

    The scene - Coming from a property I mange - flat land all dirt roads. Was in All purpose mode standard height 60% battery. After I cross the wooden bridge it turns to paved single lane road. Take a hard right up a 30% grade decided to hit conserve(going 3-5 mph) in maybe 200 feet I am...
  6. Carmelbythesea

    Wireless charging Pad (should be renamed the slide around no charge pad)

    The charging pad is useless. The guy taking me through delivery today at the service center said no one can charge using the mat and to just use a wire. WTF? So I have purchased a magsafe to USB in black and I am going to try and attach it to the pad for now. The real killer idea would be a...