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  1. Carmelbythesea

    Official email: R1T Tonneau Cover Replacement in the works

    Next year is vague. I’m wondering if I will get my all weather floor mats in October?
  2. Carmelbythesea

    The Small Things Make Me Happy With Updates

    I’m wondering if any battery is used when auto level is kept on through the night or is it set it and forget it. The bags don’t loose any pressure?
  3. Carmelbythesea

    Extremely Picky Owner Reviews R1T @ 699 Miles

    For the back end. I got rid of the odd flying V silver bumper and pulled the rivian logo. I may modify the front silver skid plate. So it is black just at the top to match the bumper.
  4. Carmelbythesea

    Low speed 'Tocking' when stopping or starting

    I’m gathering tickets and also waiting for them to start mobile service appointments. After my last service visit that lasted two weeks. I can handle my drivers side wheel clicking at low speed and my driver side window not fully going up and having to manually push it the last 1/8” up.
  5. Carmelbythesea

    Working Magsafe / Magnetic Qi Wireless Charging Pad Install! - DIY Writeup

    Just installed the MagSafe charger took maybe 15 mins. What a change I can finally charge my phone! I was able to get the whole thing apart with just my hand’s. Just used the torx to pop off the screws. I used the double sided tape from rivian pad and it’s holding the whole unit together. I’d...
  6. Carmelbythesea

    Ready for delivery

    Found this in my truck tonight, when it finally came back after two weeks. Found it entertaining.
  7. Carmelbythesea

    Not Liking Multiple Service Advisors

    San Fran - service dept. review. Been dealing with them for 2 weeks. whoa is me - my truck has been gone for 2 weeks. They have provided me with rentals and uber credits and have been driving a Polestar 2. Pick up of the car was interesting. The guy had never seen one before. He couldn't get...
  8. Carmelbythesea

    RAN Rivian Charging Stations Locations Map via Google Maps

    Paved and conduit in the ground but nothing else. I checked last week.
  9. Carmelbythesea

    Tax Credit - Senate Parliamentarian Reportedly Ruled

    The 40% sourcing rule doesn't go into effect till 2024. So there will be one year with the no regulations.
  10. Carmelbythesea

    Guide stepping down

    Just got my guide go bye email! After I ordered another R1 at full price.
  11. Carmelbythesea

    Truck gone before 2 weeks

    I’ve had a 3 and Y still own the Y. The polestar is real weird. It’s covered in fabric everywhere you look is fabric. I miss my r1t!
  12. Carmelbythesea

    Truck gone before 2 weeks

    To make you feel better. The polestar had slow leak since I got it, well today it decided to give up. I found the nail lodged in the tread. Enterprise gave me the option of switch out car or drive to a tire shop and wait for it to get fixed for free. Really loving getting other care fixed while...
  13. Carmelbythesea

    Truck gone before 2 weeks

    FYI - Rivian has a commercial acct with enterprise. With a health daily stipend. Enterprise basically told me I could rent anything they have. I was able to rent an EV from the enterprise exoctics collection. LOL. Currently hammering around town a polestar 2. Very weird car.
  14. Carmelbythesea

    Put in a new reservation for an R1S today...

    I am about to drop another 1k on the R1S reservation. Picked up my R1T a month and half ago. Love it. Will go with the the Explore/Dual Motor/ Standard pack - I am guessing late 2023/early 24 My wifes Ys - 4 year warranty runs out Sept. 2024. Thinking way ahead. That being said if they have...
  15. Carmelbythesea

    Working Magsafe / Magnetic Qi Wireless Charging Pad Install! - DIY Writeup

    Coming in hot! With assembly! Sadly I’ll need to get my rivian back from the service center.
  16. Carmelbythesea

    “ Vehicle battery issue”

    It’s up at the service center. They are saying it’s just the 12 volt still. Going to knock service for one thing - I’ve logged all the problems. Few examples back seat that flips up the stitching had come off, I had the front door seal extra roll in it, some scratches on the black gloss bumper...
  17. Carmelbythesea

    Tax Credit Changes in new bill [LOCKED DUE TO POLITICS & ARGUING]

    I’m fine with either way. I’m in the sweet spot. I would enjoy a sweet little tax refund.
  18. Carmelbythesea

    Tax Credit Changes in new bill [LOCKED DUE TO POLITICS & ARGUING]

    Am I reading this right? Would this mean if we purchased the truck in 2022 the new law would apply to us? As part of the transition from the old system to the new one. TRANSITION RULE.—Solely for purposes of the 21 application of section 30D of the Internal Revenue Code 22 of 1986, in the...
  19. Carmelbythesea

    Working Magsafe / Magnetic Qi Wireless Charging Pad Install! - DIY Writeup

    Anyone have a link to the extraction of the the wireless charging pad? Just want to see how to get in there..
  20. Carmelbythesea

    Wireless charging pad useless. Any changes imminent?

    My rivian is getting some work, so rivian gave me a rental. I got a polestar. The wireless charging works great but the have angled it up and away from you. This afternoon the phone was a few degrees shy of cooking an egg. I just order the magsafe aftermarket found on this forum. On a...