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  1. Brewbud

    Time for a Lube Party... Dry Lube = answer to the tonneau cover issues

    Don't know how I missed the Dry Lube party invite. I used graphite lube powder for locks on mine when I first got it. It definitely helped. Now I need to go find some dry lube. I used to have a can of dry chain lube. Think I used it all up.
  2. Brewbud

    Anyone else notice their speedometer is actually much more accurate now?

    I haven't used my GPS but the radar showed me still 5-6 mph high last weekend. I keep meaning to pull out my GPS or radar gun and check. I have found phone apps vary too much.
  3. Brewbud

    Tire Rotation and Balance

    I have a set on order even though I know there will likely be some Chinese knock offs in a few months. I debated for a while since it is pretty easy to remove the panels and not have to use the pucks. If I needed to have a tire rotation done before my pucks arrive, I would just pull the...
  4. Brewbud

    Official email: R1T Tonneau Cover Replacement in the works

    I received it a bit ago too.
  5. Brewbud

    How long have you waited for service?

    I got on the list for the HP pump recall work on my Ram. When I called the first day the recall was released I was told I was #63 on the list....and they only get 1 pump a week. And this is despite me being on the online "list" for the work. A big part of the reason is where I am located...
  6. Brewbud

    How long have you waited for service?

    I waited just a few days. San Diego Service center.
  7. Brewbud

    This is why we do PPF

    Thank you for that insight. I never said it wasn't. And I provided the reasons for my decision for not getting it.
  8. Brewbud

    Suspension squeaks. A little birdie told me...

    Don't you guys use your radios j/K 😂
  9. Brewbud

    Adhesive front license plate

    A CHP 0fficer once told me, on average an officer could write 27 tickets to a new car in California. He admitted it was from a study and most officers wouldn't know the more obscure infractions. My guide asked me if I wanted my front plate installed. I said yes at first but changed my mind...
  10. Brewbud

    This is why we do PPF

    I have a mobile paint guy that is awesome. My last truck had a few scrapes from offroading. He took out a big dent (damn boulder), painted one bedside, the front bumper and a new grill surround for $700. He matched the paint perfectly. I will go this route if I get some scrapes. I have had...
  11. Brewbud

    My List of Desired Changes

    Heck, I'd like the miles remaining in the driver's display to be a bit bigger. There is a lot of room for it.
  12. Brewbud

    Picture request: R1S compact spare wheel

    I wasn't able to buy one from the SC. I was told it should be in the gear shop by the end of the year. I bought one from a private party.
  13. Brewbud

    My List of Desired Changes

    Mine appears with or without the turn signal on. Maybe there is a setting you need to enable.
  14. Brewbud

    Picture request: R1S compact spare wheel

    Hope you have room in the vehicle after you put on the compact. Cuz it's not gonna fit back in the storage space. I had this happen to be years ago when my car was filled with dive gear.
  15. Brewbud

    Ford recall 50K BEV's due to defective batteries.

    Surprised I haven't heard about this if it was back in June. I figured all the EV haters would have been all over this.
  16. Brewbud

    Launch Edition Wrist Band Keys delayed?

    My guide gave me an update. End of September a big bunch will be going out. May the odds be ever in your favor.
  17. Brewbud

    Would you buy now (yes) or wait (no): Poll

    Congratulations on the new ride!
  18. Brewbud

    Would you buy now (yes) or wait (no): Poll

    I might say the same if I was only using the 110V home charger. That would be way too much of am inconvenience for me.
  19. Brewbud


    Very well done. I wanted these on my Ram but I ended up with a Decked system and couldn't fit them. When does the pre-order end? One comment, I would use some anti-seize on that stainless hardware though.
  20. Brewbud

    I have RT1 set up to only unlock the drivers door using the fob. I wish I could press all the buttons to open stuff.

    Curious, if you have it set to only open the driver door, will a press and a quick press/hold still roll all the windows down?