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  1. manitou202

    Trip Efficiency Calculation Includes Vampire Drain

    We've had our R1T for about a month but have only driven 700 miles. I noticed last week that our efficiency on "Trip B" which has the total number of miles since we took delivery seems rather poor. We have been averaging around 1.7 miles/kWh. Our "Trip A" had only about 300 miles on it and had...
  2. manitou202

    Naming your vehicle in app or vehicle settings?

    Does anyone know if you are able to name your Rivian vehicles in the App or in the vehicle settings? Tesla has this option which is nice especially if you have multiple Teslas. I noticed when opening the App it shows the name of my R1T as "FP". I have no idea if I'm able to give it a specific name.
  3. manitou202

    Rivian / XPEL Install Experience (with closeup pics of edges)

    I just picked up my truck after having the full front covered in PPF. I started the process by filling out the form on Xpel's website for the "Rivian Package." I was contacted by my local Xpel installer within a few days. This was the first Rivian install they performed. I ended up upgrading the...
  4. manitou202

    2023 F150 Lightning Price Hikes & standard range increase to 240 miles

    Official release: Here’s a breakdown of the new prices: Pro old price: $39,974; new price: $46,974 XLT...
  5. manitou202

    Another Ford Electric Pickup Truck

    I was just watching the F-150 Lightning Launch video and something caught my attention. Jim Farley mentioned they are going to starting building another electric pickup truck (different than the Lightning) at their Tennessee factory. Maybe a Ranger/Maverick equivalent? 35:55 in the video below
  6. manitou202

    First used preowned R1T for sale

    Pre-Owned 2022 Rivian R1T Launch Edition Launch Edition AWD | Launch Green | 21" Wheels $139,000 No affiliation. Just posted as a reference...