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  1. Katsudon

    Rivian May Introduce Swappable Module System (Check Our Previews Inside)

    Yea I've been seeing it posted on multiple EV news sites too. The images are that good they look like they could be from the company, but the admin's post clearly says "Here at RivianForums, we've worked up these digital previews to bring Rivian's patent to life and show various configurations...
  2. Katsudon

    Rivian please adopt Tesla charging standard

    Yup. I already regularly encounter queues of 5-10 cars waiting their turn at Tesla supercharging stations around here. Hopefully with Electrify America's rapid expansion, we won't be seeing these kind of waits in our Rivians. Any guesses as to when we'll see parity being achieved between...
  3. Katsudon

    R1T accessories & options wish list.

    Rivian tonneau cover please. :please:
  4. Katsudon

    More R1T rack functions and accessories spotted

    Good eye. Did you spot anything resembling a tonneau cover?
  5. Katsudon

    AC power outlets and air compressor

    That onboard air compressor is going to be handy for more than just inflating the tires. Think bicycles, balls, inflatable swim equipment, inflatable SUP (stand up paddle boards).
  6. Katsudon

    Rivian Factory Plant in Normal, IL and Headquarters in Plymouth, MI

    Probably both. The Normal plant can (and has) crank out at least 200k vehicles a year, so capacity isn't an issue. Worst thing they can do is bite off more than they can chew and try to rush these things out the door with poor quality. These are supposed to be luxury vehicles after all so buyers...
  7. Katsudon

    Rivian R1T Colors - Previews

    Damn I love the blue R1T and hope they offer an electric blue shade just like that! The truck looks great in some off road action too. :clap:
  8. Katsudon

    "Fake" artificial engine and interior sounds

    Came across this article yesterday on electric car sounds and how manufacturers are approaching it: All about that bass: carmakers seek electric car sounds for post-petrol era From the Rivian videos it seems the R1T and R1S won't feature any fake artificial / synthetic sounds on the exterior...
  9. Katsudon

    Rivian "Lunar Rock" Launch Edition - Any info?

    Wow I've looked at the LA launch photos probably hundreds of times but never noticed that. Definitely looks like they'll be launching with a launch special edition called Lunar Rock. I hope all us early reservation pre-orders will automatically get getting a launch edition.
  10. Katsudon

    Why such a "Simple Stick Man" front-end appearance?

    I like the super simple front end design and hope they don't change it for production. It's simple and functional (and free of non-functional vents/grilles) but also distinctive. And if you want it to customize yours, just throw a front bumper bull bar for added protection and more aggressive look.
  11. Katsudon

    Rivian Servicing & Repairs?

    Good read and reassuring to hear that aluminum body may not necessarily increase insurance costs. From the article it sounds like Ford took proactive steps to make sure repair costs of their aluminum F-150 didn't go up by offering discounted repair equipment and training to dealers, lowering...
  12. Katsudon

    Rivian Testing Skateboard with F-150 Body - Article Link

    Further insult to injury - since the spied EV F150's that everyone thought was Ford's turns out to be Rivian's, it could mean Ford's not as far along with their EV pickup development as previously thought. If Rivian can bring the R1T to market before Ford comes with its electric F-150 and Tesla...
  13. Katsudon

    Revealed: Rivian Patent For Auxiliary Battery Module To Achieve 400+ Miles Range

    Actually thinking about this more... the auxiliary battery is likely only available for the R1T considering the patent calls for installation by forklift / winch. Which means you can't lower this auxiliary battery into the trunk of an R1S because it has a fixed roof?
  14. Katsudon

    Rivian Pricing Targets Loaded F-150, Denali, Suburban, Land Rover Discovery

    That'd make Rivian more of a niche company than Tesla, especially if their models are all priced in the luxury segment. But also a smart move, at least at the outset, since the Adventure EV space as you put it, is currently unoccupied and it appears Rivian will be the first to enter that market...
  15. Katsudon

    Rivian Waiting Room: Have you pre-ordered with deposit?

    Here you go my man: (click on PREORDER NOW in bottom right corner). :like: Welcome to the site and let us know when you've preordered :clap:
  16. Katsudon

    Rivian Waiting Room: Have you pre-ordered with deposit?

    Just placed my pre order for my R1T :rock: Happy to join your ranks! Reading the comments here by other pre-orderers helped me make my decision... as did the recent Amazon investment.
  17. Katsudon

    Rivian Pricing Targets Loaded F-150, Denali, Suburban, Land Rover Discovery

    So I guess the recently spied Rally vehicle will be Rivian's "crossover" model? What about the traditional 4 door sedan - have they said anything about entering that segment?
  18. Katsudon

    Rivian R1T aftermarket parts and accessories

    According to the most recent SEMA 2018 report, the pickups represent the the biggest segment of the aftermarket industry, worth $12 billion! :surprised: “At more than $12 billion, pickup modifications represent the biggest single chunk of our industry,” he observed. “Obviously, pickup sales...
  19. Katsudon

    Revealed: Rivian Patent For Auxiliary Battery Module To Achieve 400+ Miles Range

    Maybe it could take a different form for the R1S? Something that could fit in the cargo / trunk area. BTW @Lil'O Annie love the avatar, just realized the Rivian headlights :)
  20. Katsudon

    Request to focus Ride Comfort for R1S

    44 lbs difference on a 5000+ lbs vehicle won't make any difference at all. The 15" wheelbase length difference will make a difference though. Usually, the longer the wheelbase the better the ride quality, so on paper the R1T should ride better than the R1S. But, ride quality is also determined...