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  1. Jimmie311

    Preproduction Rivian R1T spotted testing at Tierra del Fuego!

    That steering wheel isn't nearly as cool as the concept. Aesthetically, I think there are a few regressions on the interior.
  2. Jimmie311

    0-60 in 3 seconds: are you OK with that?

    In Denver, I asked this question specifically. I was told that ride height would automatically adjust at certain speeds, but the driver would also have the option to override to the ride height of their choice - with the exception of the "squat mode," which can only be used while the vehicle is...
  3. Jimmie311

    See you in Denver?

    Who will be attending the event in Denver on June 15? I'll be dragging the family from Salt Lake City. I'll make it worth their while by spending some time at Rocky Mountain National Park while we're there.
  4. Jimmie311

    Roof Rack Capacity?

    Are any official specs available for the roof rack system yet? I'm in the market for a roof top tent and I want to make sure it will transition to the r1s when it arrives.
  5. Jimmie311

    What would you like to see on your new Rivian or from the Rivian company??

    I love the idea of a route planner that identifies charging stations along the way. Show me where to stop for lunch and potty breaks for a quick recharge. An electric adventure won't be much fun if I run out of electricity.
  6. Jimmie311

    AC power outlets and air compressor

    In the initial launch video, RJ indicates that both vehicles will feature the onboard air compressor and outlets. Skip to about 12:30:
  7. Jimmie311

    Glass Roof - Does it open?

    I have only seen one picture of the R1S from the top without items on the roof rack, and it's difficult to tell if the sunroof can open. Does anyone know?