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  1. Blur1t

    Anyone have reservation for competitor EV? (Cybertruck, Lordstown Endurance, Atlis, Hummer, etc.)

    I also have CT just have not gotten around to asking for the refund yet. Just morbidly curious at this point.
  2. Blur1t

    Bed step

    I agree too. My F150 has the suicide door. Somewhere along the way I thought it would be a good idea with kids. I could not be more aggravated with it. My driveway is slanted and if the wind blows I get the door to my calf while loading the kiddos. It was little things like that that can wreck...
  3. Blur1t

    Rivian Amazon Van starts deliveries making lots of noise

    Like the Classic, “watch the tram car please” from the good old Jersey boardwalk from my youth. I still get a chuckle about that noise.
  4. Blur1t

    A New Player Has Entered the Game: Ioniq 5 Crossover

    Trying to post with a three year old and a five year old using me as a jungle Jim . This is a Hyundai after all, owned By the Koreans whom claim the Kia as their expensive father whom at one point had a buy one get one Kia Rio. So my thoughts on quality, especially after working on them as a...
  5. Blur1t

    New Official Video: Holiday Lights | Our Team | Rivian

    I know I’m just looking forward to a test drive. With so many things changing, I know they said tailgate was powered. That video clearly looked just dampened. Perhaps that’s another difference in Adventure verses Explorer? A lot of vague descriptions so leaving a lot for the imagination. Good or...
  6. Blur1t

    Tires. All Season or All-Terrain?

    I’m getting the AT’s and will travel most places with it, looks better. When I make a non off road trip I’m purchasing the 21 inch ugly rim and tires for the better rolling resistance. Might cost me a bunch but for the money I’m spending already it’s a no brainer. P. S. I’m not telling the wife...
  7. Blur1t

    Heads up display

    I had a BMW with that, I absolutely loved it. I will say the windshield cost more as it needs to meet certain criteria that made it close to $900 repair when a rock came almost through the windshield at me. So perhaps indirectly could cost more.
  8. Blur1t

    Toyota - First to Commercialize Solid State Batteries?

    Maybe we are all in for a surprise and our mileage numbers are better by the time production and launch get going. Technology is always advancing, lithium is swiftly becoming more and more un environmental and May prove to be holding back advances in this field. I’m not the engineer but you will...
  9. Blur1t

    Forest Edge People

    Mason, just North of Cincinnati.
  10. Blur1t

    Forest Edge People

    Damn that is beautiful!
  11. Blur1t

    R1T versus F150 Hybrid/Electric...

    I’m thinking along those lines too. I currently drive an F150. I like the room but rarely do workloads in bed to worry that much about the length difference, I’m a weekend warrior and rarely do much 4wd too. Just Some mud puddles and snow piles seasonally. I think just the environmental factors...
  12. Blur1t

    Forest Edge People

    I’m also LE holder, just recently convinced the wife to “allow” me to shell out the extra 10k for the 400 mile option, just can’t bet on the “gas can” option. Our trips to FL from OH could benefit from one stop as opposed to Two. I love the AT 20” tires but May just add the 21” extra for road...
  13. Blur1t

    Forest Edge People

  14. Blur1t

    Forest Edge People

    I’m going out on a limb here, I chose Rivian blue and I really love that green and that darker wood in that Forest Green so I’m going with it, just will never be able to sell it...
  15. Blur1t

    Update from Rivian: Dark Wheel Option coming soon for Launch Edition reservation holders

    Yes, I was thinking that too but May just get a set of both the 20’sand 21’s, May need the better miles for trips to the 🏖 . I looked on tire rack not available yet so May have a steep markup for being special edition tires.. oh well . I saved by not getting the 10k battery.
  16. Blur1t

    Poll on additional cost for 400 mile version

    We have not even seen the production model out yet so anything is possible. Just believe brother, look at the election no one thought that was going to be that difficult 😥 lol. 😂
  17. Blur1t

    Poll on additional cost for 400 mile version

    I think your reading too deep into this. The bed can handle the weight and one could pick up and drop off at location. Since it would be separate entity and like a gas can you would just use it like a gas can and plug it in and charge it separately too. Since it is all speculation, feel free to...
  18. Blur1t

    Poll on additional cost for 400 mile version

    Nothing wrong with that. They had mentioned it be like rented, for long trips and in which case could be delivered and put on at Location by said networks. Of course this is all speculation, but most of us don’t need the extra 100 miles for our commutes. Don’t get me wrong I’d have signed up...
  19. Blur1t

    Removable glass

    I heard a rumor the R1T was supposed to store in bed. But speculation at this point. Hummer does look sweet but just a beast, bit out of my ability to sweet talk my wife into... 😂 lot more truck there too. I owned a rubicon just loved it, love that open air. Nothing beats that.