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    Gear Tunnel and Frunk size

    I hope the frunk is vented. The confined space is definitely a consideration. I have left my ARB locked up in my Jeep in the hot desert sun a couple of times. I am sure the fridge didn't like it but it worked very well. Kept everything where I had it set at just above freezing. My 100W...
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    R1T Retracting running boards PLEASE

    I have had running boards on my trucks for 13+ years. My Ram has Amp retractable steps and the jeep is a slider. I have never had anyone hit their shins or even once complain about them. In fact, they are one of the items I get the most compliments about. My Amp steps tuck up out of the way...
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    R1T offroad footage and info from from South America!

    I totally agree. Look at the price of the new JL and JTs. By the time you get out the door, you are near 55K for the Rubicon model. Once you add in suspension mods and other items you are riding around on a big pile of cash. I know I have more than 10K tied up in my LJ mods. One of the...
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    Tesla Truck Unveiling 11/21

    Only $100 for the preorder. I wonder how many are serious buyers. Heck, I almost put in an order and but I was laughing too hard to type.
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    Rivian R1T Colors - Previews

    I want a nice red. Maybe if I replace the Cummins with it one night the wife won't notice.
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    Rivian vs. Cybertruck

    The Tesla would have to change a lot from that concept to get me interested. Not even the price is enticing to me. The entry 39k price is good if you only want 2WD and a 0-60 time of 6.5 secs....and the self-driving option is another 7K. The faster AWD option is going to be up there near...
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    Does anyone know if optional wheels will be available on the R1S ? Are the wheels currently 2 piece?

    I really like the look of the larger wheels but I want the smallest diameter wheel that will fit the brakes. More rubber between me and the dirt/rocks/sand. Typically for offroad performance, you are best not going much larger than half the tire diameter for the wheel size.
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    Preproduction Rivian R1T spotted testing at Tierra del Fuego!

    Great to see them out there testing in the wild! I do not like the rear end as much. Looks like the departure angle took a performance hit. Hoping it is just the picture angles.
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    Who might be swayed to Ford?

    I might find an artist to airbrush around the lights to make it look like a more rounded light. :CWL:
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    Yeah, I got the point. Regardless, I thought there would be more ICE fires.
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    With 265 million registered vehicles on the road, I actually thought there would actually be more ICE fires.
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    Gear Tunnel and Frunk size

    Thanks. I saw that fridge. I am not sure about the brand. It could be an Engle. Hopefully, my 63qt is not too tall. The size is H 16.9" x W 17.7" x D 33.3 but it sure looks bigger than that in person o_O At 33 inches maybe it is the length I should be worried about.
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    Rivian May Introduce Swappable Module System (Check Our Previews Inside)

    Good looking renderings. When I first saw the Rivian design drawings for the patent, I didn't think it would apply to the R1T. I assumed it was on the drawing board for a more commercial truck they would be releasing on a bit larger platform.
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    Gear Tunnel and Frunk size

    Has anybody seen measurements for the frunk and gear tunnel? I am curious if my ARB fridge will fit in the frunk. It looks wide enough but I am not sure about the depth. I am also curious about the width at the top and bottom of the trapezoid shape of the gear tunnel. Height would be very...
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    Amazon Alexa Integration

    I am hoping for a high-quality sound system. I haven't heard many factory systems that didn't need improvement. Production vehicles always seem to use cheaper versions of speakers even if they have a name brand on them. I always seem to drop a bunch of money into upgrading the sound system...
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    Custom electric camp stove for the gear tunnel debuts at Overland Expo

    I have been hoping for info about a power source in the tunnel. I saw where it was lighted but I have seen no mention of power plugs. This leads me to believe there will be one available.
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    AC power outlets and air compressor

    I would really like to see 12V output in the bed as well as the frunk and pass-through storage areas. I would prefer to run my ARB fridge from a 12V supply. It would be nice to charge other items stored in the storage areas too.
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    Ford & Solid State Batteries

    Ford is just one one of many investors. I have been hearing about this battery type for a while now. I hope the tech comes to fruition soon. It would be a game changer.
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    Rivian Waiting Room: Have you pre-ordered with deposit?

    I ordered the R1T. I am more of a full sized truck guy but I am really looking forward to this truck.
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    Rivian R1T may have some competition from Tesla after all if this woman gets her way

    Wow. She did a great job! Can we call it a cruck? With that front end, it retains so much car attitude. Now step away from the welder.