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  1. protamine

    I hope Rivian can eventually target more middle class consumers

    The finance market has completely flipped since '85. With rates on homes in the 11-16% rate (the average rate for cars was 12.2% for 51 months in 1985). Now they're 0-3%. Way easier to out earn the market, but way more difficult to count on guaranteed returns. Money market and CD's are out too.
  2. protamine

    Rivian raises another $2.65 billion investment. Company valued at $27.6 billion!

    Just remember, Summer 2021 technically ends 9/22
  3. protamine

    Does the Forest Edge interior match ANY exterior paint color besides Launch Green? Looking at the color in this post, Forest Edge would go well with White Black El Cap Moonstone Both greens think about it, why would they make their premium up charge interior not match anything?
  4. protamine

    I hope Rivian can eventually target more middle class consumers

    Why? Trickle down car-enomics is real. Hybrids/EVs had an economy style/substance/connotation until Elon came along. If you want a great product, start expensive and work cheaper. Otherwise you're just KIA who makes great stuff now, but still cant shed the image. And it took 15+ years of making...
  5. protamine

    New Official Video: Holiday Lights | Our Team | Rivian

    To be fair, they probably care about 1% of what forums think. Forum users are all about 35-50 and represent a very small subset of the buying public. They care about Instagram and twitter reactions. Forums are a very vocal minority; not everyone has an order and they really don't represent the...
  6. protamine

    Paint: Can someone please explain how Rivian can justify charging $1,500/$2,500 for select colors?

    Factory PPF is either outsourced or poorly applied, esp in the Porsche world. Better to spend a bit more and get it done local where you have customer service and choice. I would decline a Rivian PPF option. You may want a paint correction before you wrap it anyways
  7. protamine

    Paint: Can someone please explain how Rivian can justify charging $1,500/$2,500 for select colors?

    I'm sorry but thats just asinine. Unless you have high quality under market price labor (which you might) then all you're doing is disassembling a new car - where you might not be able to get replacement pieces right away, deal with the NVH, diminished resale value and potentially warranty...
  8. protamine

    R1S Cargo Capacity

    Kia Telluride has 21 cubic feet of cargo space behind its third row, 46 cubic feet with these seats folded, and 87 cubic feet with all rear seats folded. Telluride R1S behind 3rd 21 17 3rd flat 46 46.7 all flat 87 88.25
  9. protamine

    Bloomberg article: Rivian vs everyone else

    Good to see Rivian getting the first spot, as they should since it should be the first to market. Afraid that Tesla/GM being the big $$$ would get their name earlier in the article
  10. protamine

    What We Do Not Know - Important Information Still Needed to Make an Informed Decision

    I would like to know the range, performance and handling difference between the 3 sets of tires.
  11. protamine

    Rivian colors samples from recent video

    Is this Limestone? Is this launch green? I'm between (R1S) Forest Green/Ocean Launch Green/Forest Edge Limetsone/Forest Edge all on 22" bright wheels. This doesnt make it easier.
  12. protamine

    Forest Edge People

    From ClubRivians Instagram today
  13. protamine

    Cost Does not add up?

    I just got an apple watch for the first time. Went with the titanium. Why? it looks cool. Apple store ppl actually ooh'ed. But the real reason? I wanted it, and $200 over 2 years really doesn't matter. I just ordered a Rivian for the first time. Its actually the first new car I've purchased...
  14. protamine

    Launch Green - Come on Rivian, Pictures Please!

    It would be TERRIBLE form to offer your pre-investors early access and then lock the color out, especially when the whole process was supposed to be non-committal at this point.
  15. protamine

    % Breakdown of LE Reservations

    I'm a R1S in forest with ocean interior...seems pretty rare all things considered! That being said, I'd give up my LE for a max pack R1S. But, if I cant, I'll just take a 135 kW earlier.
  16. protamine

    Launch Green - Come on Rivian, Pictures Please!

    You and I are in the exact same boat. You nailed it the comparison Launch Green/Forest edge will have the cool factor - Defender/Bronco Forest Green/Ocean will have the ahh factor - Range Rover
  17. protamine

    What We Know - Collecting Information Directly From Rivian

    All rivian tires are Pirelli Scorpion - the Scorpion zero is what I'm referring to. Tire rack has very poor reviews from the Scorpion zero. Mostly from Land Rover owners. Also, verde were great AS tires, id rather have more range than grip. This arent Prius LRR tires, theres still plenty of...
  18. protamine

    What We Know - Collecting Information Directly From Rivian

    I'm a bit annoyed. Ive had Verde All Seasons on a couple of my previous SUVs. I would prefer them on a 22". We get *just enough* snow in KY (2-3 times a year, but one is 6") where I'd be worried about the Zeros. I'd love a 22" verde as a choice. Wont happen, but then you get the looks and the...
  19. protamine

    Forest Edge People

    After seeing this, I’m really interested in forest edge. I can’t imagine it’ll look like a 70s Oldsmobile if it’s the premium option offered. For those who chose it, what model and exterior are you going with? Looks great (safe) White Midnight Granite Limestone Silver Should go (why else offer...