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  1. MisterTea

    What We Know - Collecting Information Directly From Rivian

    Yeah, but they said "not included." Doesn't mean there won't be a puppy add-on.
  2. MisterTea

    R1T validation prototype model spotted

    Never noticed how sharp the angles on the door frame are. I like it.
  3. MisterTea

    R1T Specific Colour Poll

    Was El Cap, but changed it to Rivian Blue. My current car is close to El Cap and I want to have some fun with this one. I have a Launch Edition on order, but am not a fan of the green.
  4. MisterTea

    Rivian Amazon Van starts deliveries making lots of noise

    There is only one sound it should make:
  5. MisterTea

    Real Photos & Videos

    I get what you mean. I just imagine driving in snow, dirt, or rain that the tires would throw it onto that camera.
  6. MisterTea

    Real Photos & Videos

    Here is what I was able to find from their latest video:
  7. MisterTea

    Patagonia to LA to Now | Electric Adventure Vehicles | Rivian Feature Video

    Those are clearly built in arm massagers.
  8. MisterTea

    Real Photos & Videos

    I noticed that too. Would be cool if you had the choice, but I wouldn't be surprised of that has to be locked in legally.
  9. MisterTea

    Rivian Gift

    Same here.
  10. MisterTea

    Launch Green - Come on Rivian, Pictures Please!

    If you watch this video, it looks like launch green with decals on it.
  11. MisterTea

    Real Photos & Videos

    I just saw this video. I don't think this is a full wrap, but decals on top of what looks like Launch Edition Green.
  12. MisterTea

    Software and Rivian App wishlist

    That was Tesla's initial plan but was scrapped and now their media is lacking. Another company that refuses CarPlay/Android Auto.
  13. MisterTea

    Fog Lights

    Well, that clears up any fog I had in my head...
  14. MisterTea

    Official Rivian Merchandise Store Coming Soon

    Just got out of CS Chat. I asked if there was going to be a merchandise store anytime soon so we can all start representing Rivian anywhere we go. The CS agent said, "Rivian gear is on the way: keep an eye on your email over the coming weeks, we'll be announcing our digital shop soon!"
  15. MisterTea

    Real Photos & Videos

    That yellow looks great. Much better than the configurators rendering.
  16. MisterTea

    Launch Edition R1T & R1S get 20" black wheel option

    I just entirely changed my configuration (minus the interior)
  17. MisterTea

    Real Photos & Videos

    I know looking at this picture makes many of you excited for a plug in the back, but please understand this plug is specifically made for Rivian Christmas lights. :p
  18. MisterTea

    Launch Edition R1T & R1S get 20" black wheel option

    So how do you safely update your configuration? I'm scared to loose my LE.
  19. MisterTea

    Real Photos & Videos

    Thought I would hate that color, but that is beautiful.
  20. MisterTea

    13 Rivian Charging Stations Installed According to PowerFlex

    Very good point. Didn't think about that.