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  1. staples

    Electrify America charging issues - More RAN stations because I don't want to deal with this nonsense.

    Is that 140 EPA rating miles, or real world miles? I'm guessing the former. My BEV motorcycle has a rated 100 mile range; I get 50 real world miles. I take all these stats with lots of salt. We just have to wait and see what the real world mileage and charging rates will be like. Where are the...
  2. staples

    What We Know - Collecting Information Directly From Rivian

    She sits there in silence. You'll need to be reprogrammed. Any idea if there will be a button to invoke the voice assistant? One of the most frustrating things is the wake word not triggering Alexa to listen.
  3. staples

    Rivian factory update from VP of Manufacturing Erik Fields

    Launch green is just the primer. That way they only need to put a clear coat on top and can release trucks faster.
  4. staples

    Rivian Camp Kitchen won't prevent use of gear tunnel

    That'd be a lot of power to deliver through induction to run the cooktop and kettle.
  5. staples

    Bed step

    My previous truck was a GMC Sonoma with a very, um "stylish?", roll pan in place of any protruding bumper. If I wanted to step up around the bed, the tire was there. Granted a Sonoma is a rather small pickup truck. In my opinion stepping up on the tailgate or tire was never that tough even if I...
  6. staples

    Rivian Gift

    Yeah. It was just the concept art. I placed my reservation just before the configurator went live. I did not realize it'd take them a month to ship something like that, and honestly thought it might have been something new as the production year was starting.
  7. staples

    Rivian Gift

    Any other reservation holders receive anything in the mail Thursday?
  8. staples

    Illinois peeps. Anybody know what's up with custom EV plates?

    It depends on the ward. Some wards you can't even park a pickup on the street overnight. Luckily I'm in one of the wards that allows overnight street parking. I had a pickup truck for a few years. Every year I had to fill out one form and provide a few photos of the truck to my alderman's office...
  9. staples

    Any Chicagoans have an idea of what our sales tax will be?

    I'd assume we are screwed, but then again... YOLO.
  10. staples

    Illinois peeps. Anybody know what's up with custom EV plates?

    I was wondering if they're going to force us to get B Truck plates or EV plates. Technically it's a truck, and falls into both categories.
  11. staples

    Anyone worried?

    It'd would be great if that were an actual requirement, but sadly my US made BEV motorcycle only has a 5 year battery warranty. Maybe DucRider's sources will illuminate the difference between car and motorcycle battery warranty requirements.
  12. staples

    Rivian officially confirms delivery pushed to 2021. But still road testing EVs remotely

    I'd assume they are pushing consumer production back to focus on meeting the demands of their Amazon contract.