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  1. jayazusa

    Find your Rivian Order Number & Post it Here!

    I am glad I am not the only one in the 200M number range! I went thru this with Tesla and the Model 3 I was in line the morning they went on sale and they did the whole what is your order number thing I was 36k - 86k but got the configuration email about a week after they started production and...
  2. jayazusa

    Happy New Year Email from Rivian

    Looks like one for sure in Laguna Beach, will be worth a road trip to see. If it opens this summer.
  3. jayazusa

    VW ID.4 pre-orders now live - $100 deposit, deliveries starting Q1 2021

    Add to that VW is offering 3 Years of free Charging at ElectrifyAmerica locations and its a good value/option. I am curious to see what the VW and Mach-E real world numbers are for miles per charge, I am on my third EV and the posted numbers are not what you see in daily driving.
  4. jayazusa

    VW ID.4 pre-orders now live - $100 deposit, deliveries starting Q1 2021

    You can now order a Tesla model Y rear wheel drive standard range for $42k it has a stated range of 244 miles. They say delivery in 5-6 weeks. The VW ID.4 is a knock off of the Model Y if you look at all the dimensions but it still qualifies for the $7500 tax credit.
  5. jayazusa

    Wheel and Tire Combinations - Vote for Your Preferred Combination

    OK so I have configured the 20" with AT but depending on the final mileage on the tire combos I may change I do not want to lose 10% of the range but I really don't like the 21" for multiple reasons. Tire Size of 21" may not be as common and I like the yellow brake caliper's showing thru and...
  6. jayazusa

    Arizona pre-orders

    R1T, NW Glendale, October 2020, Configuration November 2020 for the Rivian LT Silver, Large Pack, Black Interior, 20" (Still on the Fence Wheel Size), this will be my 4th Electric, previously have had Tesla Model S 75, Tesla Model 3 Performance and Nissan Leaf. 90% of my driving can be done...
  7. jayazusa

    Wish List - Rivian Adventure Network (RAN) locations

    How about adding Keyenta, AZ , Cortez, CO