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    I hope Rivian can eventually target more middle class consumers

    For me to make the electric switch I would want 400+ range. My current vehicle has a 330 mile range on a tank of gas. I would want 400+ due to the time required for charging along with weather/towing range reduction and battery degradation. That puts me at about 90k for a R1T. I configured...
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    Wheel and Tire Combinations - Vote for Your Preferred Combination

    Honestly all the options are kind of bad. They should have an 18 inch option. The 21 and 22 inch options will look ridiculous and 20s are borderline.
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    Bloomberg article: Rivian vs everyone else

    Neither of those were IPOs. They went public through a SPAC merger. If an IPO moons it means the underwriter screwed up the pricing. They gave away ownership of the company for less than they could have received.