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    Video: R1T spotted on the highway

    I also am trying to design the method for securing one or two Altas (electric dirt bike) in the back. In the front there looks to be two rows of bolts on the front wall that could accommodate a rail/carrier for the front wheel. I may use a simple chock or a cam devise like the old ATK Bike...
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    Rivian Gift

    Yup, mine too. It was even the correct version since I have the R1T pre-ordered.
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    What We Do Not Know - Important Information Still Needed to Make an Informed Decision

    I would love to ride out for a tour/launch party and to pick up my R1T. Just let me know when.
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    Paint: Can someone please explain how Rivian can justify charging $1,500/$2,500 for select colors?

    I had a thought yesterday as I past my friend's body shop. What if I were to get the R1T in white or silver, have him remove all the glass and trim, prep and paint it whatever color I really wanted. I will have to find out the price. I've had other cars done and it was not that prohibitive in...
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    R1T bed and Tonneau cover concerns

    The thing I want to see is will a front wheel from a motorcycle hit at the top of the tonneau enclosure. Will it be structurally good enough to lash the bike forward against it?
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    What are you going to pull / tow?

    I will be towing our Aliner classic that we currently pull with our Subaru Outback. It is very light and can be put up in under five minutes. The hard sides give more bear protection as well. Look at other manufacturers of A-frame design as you my find better quality.
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    Wheel and Tire Combinations - Vote for Your Preferred Combination

    I voted what I had, which was the Launch 20"AT but I would much prefer the 20" to come with AS.
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    Poll: Rivian Factory Delivery & Tour

    I wrote Rivian and asked questions about the weight limitations of the tailgate. My plan is to ride my Guzzi from Pgh to Normal and take delivery. I will secure the bike in the bed and drive home, although maybe not directly. Depending on the timing I might detour to Oskosh for the airshow or...
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    What We Know - Collecting Information Directly From Rivian

    Several days ago I asked; #1 If the truck had a bms and if leaving it plugged in for long periods of time would degrade the battery. #2 Hauling my electric dirt bike around I would need to have the rear wheel on the tailgate and would it cause harm. This was the response I got; Hi Alan...
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    New Rivian Colors Discussion -- Vote On Your Preferred Color

    I choose the blue only because I have not yet seen the definitive yellow color shade. In some pictures it is bright yellow and others it is more mustard. Which is it?
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    Rivian plans own charging network called Rivian Adventure Network!

    I would like to see one in Ouray, CO. Lake City is near, but the central point for the off-roading is Ouray.
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    Rivian Configurator is Up For Reservation Holders! Share Your Build / Configuration Inside

    Just finished with the Launch Edition, Blue , and Black interior. Now I will wait until June 2021 (ish). I would like to see the Compass yellow in person, though. If the right shade it could tempt me.
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    How is there no one else here?

    Just got mine in also - in the North Hills of Pgh.
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    Introductions! Drop in and say hello new and old members...

    Hi, I have been a "lurker" now for a couple months. Last night I bit the bullet and sent in my deposit, so I guess it is official - I am a member now. I am a retired science teacher and currently drive a Subaru Baja. The R1T that I want to replace it will be bigger, but I will get used to...