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    Any clues on build/price date?

    Not trying to be negative. Just giving an opinion. Wish Rivian the best. My initial impression of what they were going for was a mass market truck. They’ve said they are more akin to the Land Rover segment. Those cars start and one number but soar to twice that with options. Rivian has been...
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    Any clues on build/price date?

    I think the car they are showing is over 100k. We have already heard the wheels, tires, roof, skids, interior, battery, rails, tonneau, etc are all options. I tapped out and just got my deposit back. I hope them the best but currently there are budget subcompact EVs and insanely priced Uber...
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    Any clues on build/price date?

    Fully loaded model y is 68k before tax incentives. Who would have thought the Tesla as they cheaper alternative lol. Unfortunately that’s not out till 2021. I’m waiting for the LA auto show to see if the PHEV Jeep looks interesting and if Rivian drops any news but at his point I just can’t...
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    Any clues on build/price date?

    I’m sure it’ll drive like a dream. I guess the big question I’ve had since the LA auto show is price. From the sounds of thing they plan to go the Land Rover, BMW route where every single thing is an option and the base vs fully loaded soars. I don’t need a test drive as much as I need to be...
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    Any clues on build/price date?

    I’m 99% sure I will tap out. Rates are so good now. There’s a lot of good ICE alternatives that look like they will be cheap enough I can used the leftover to solar the house. My Volvo is at that age where it’s about to be a money pit. I’d like to replace it and I’m ready to do it now but I’d...
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    Any clues on build/price date?

    I’ve been super curious from day 1 what prices will be. Over time we’ve seen that pretty much everything in the prototypes will be “optional” equipment. The off road tires, skid plates, interior, roof, bed cover, tailgate, bed lights, etc have all been mentioned as options at one event or...
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    R1S roof options: glass, 2-piece removable composite, standard fixed roof

    I am disliking all these options. Open sky with wind is my desire but with the ability to block the sun to avoid burning. Fixed roof. Boring. Full glass panel. So I can see the sky with zero wind? What’s the point. I’m not looking up when I’m driving. Electroglass. Just why. Just why...
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    Ford Working on EV with Rivian...."Rivian is a really special thing...."

    I’m curious if the ford or Lincoln branded car will be cheaper.
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    So another Tesla blew up this weekend. Makes me wonder. Tesla’s seem to catch fire and blow up Regularly. As far as other electrics: Etron recalled over fire risk. Kona blew up some dude’s garage...
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    Inside Electrify America’s plan to simplify electric car charging

    Yeah I was pretty surprised when I looked at the routes I might take. What really got me was when I filter fast chargers just how few there would be and how few outlets at the stations. Each trip I’d get to at least one spot where if that charger was broke I’d be stranded. 400mi didn’t really...
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    Inside Electrify America’s plan to simplify electric car charging

    Regarding charging. I was curious so decided to plot some routes using PlugShare to Disney and Bar harbor. Two places in my list of possible car trips. My conclusion was that I still need an ICE. 400mi or 200mi makes little difference. I was looking at multiple stops st fast chargers. Hotels...
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    Bored, and anxious for a test drive

    Thanks for the advice all. Yeah. I’m keeping my options open until order time. I was one of the first reservations right at auto show time. By the time the Rivian is avail I’ll have to weigh a lot. Sometimes I think wow this car can do almost anything. Other times I think are you crazy you...
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    Bored, and anxious for a test drive

    I’m with folks on the bored. I’m debating this and a more affordable wrangler. Playing with the builder is so much fun and keeps my interest with the wrangler. The Rivian is of course everything I would want in a car but the potential cost to make how I want and the depreciation along with...
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    R1T and the Forthcoming Tesla Pickup

    I’m less interested in Ford since they have said they are using their own electric platform (at least initially) for the f150. Since signing with Rivian I suspect the first gen electric f150 will be short lived. They already have test mules out that are before the Rivian partnership so I...
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    R1T and the Forthcoming Tesla Pickup

    All comes down to price. I’m sure Tesla can do an adjustable suspension for ground clearance. If they can undercut the price (which Musk is claiming) then they have a real competition going down. Rivian might have the off road chops. But Tesla has a reputation and supercharger network. So...
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    Thoughts on Glass Roof?

    I’ll pass on glass. If I want to see the sky I want wind so a traditional sunroof or removable roof is my preferred. I either want open air or sun blocked.
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    Take away from NY Auto Show (pics) Great tool for comparing cars’ co2 emissions based on your electrical grid.
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    Take away from NY Auto Show (pics)

    I posted in another thread (can search) my resources. And I used the concerned scientist website to look at the EV carbon footprint for my region. In my area in the Midwest a model X gets a 42mpg equivalent due to the fact my electricity is coal. It’s right on their website. That’s great for...
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    Time for Rivian to update their website

    I wish there was a configurator. I know it will probably be a while but the best way to tide people over is let them play with colors and options.
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    What would you like to see on your new Rivian or from the Rivian company??

    Big sunroof. Head up display. Great sound system. I’d love to see the back window roll down completely but I don’t think that can happen with the gear tunnel. Dc outlets in the bed. I see the ac outlet but no dc. Dc is more efficient for powering compatible devices as you don’t need to...