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    R1T validation prototype model spotted

    Looks like Launch Green?!
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    Rivian and Chase Team Up For All-Digital Customer Financing Experience

    As long as APR is 2.5% or below (to match Tesla) I am a happy camper. I have had chase for mortgage and credit cards (Prime Visa) so the partnership is probably leveragining amazon connections which is fine. No issues regardless mainly because I am a simple customer, use credit cards for points...
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    A New Player Has Entered the Game: Ioniq 5 Crossover

    This is what I was mainly going at, obviously no one will compare a 7 passenger vehicle to a 4 passenger CUV but from a outdoorsy marketing perspective it's very similar Target audience wise.
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    A New Player Has Entered the Game: Ioniq 5 Crossover

    Agreed they seem to be going after the same marketspace which will only shake things up!
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    A New Player Has Entered the Game: Ioniq 5 Crossover Hyundai announced it was spinning off its electric vehicles into a standalone brand before it was cool with...
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    Real Photos & Videos

    From Rivianfanclub via Enorev
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    Patagonia to LA to Now | Electric Adventure Vehicles | Rivian Feature Video

    A bit dated but also not wrong! Here is something more recent Granted its carbuzz haha
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    Real Photos & Videos

    With air suspension seems redundant. Car is set to park mode and airs down.
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    Real Photos & Videos

    Off Road Package I am guessing!
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    Real Photos & Videos

    Love the "REAR" Rivian Logos Rear Camera Placement is pretty neat. Center Channel in the tire reminds me of K02 with the outer edges designed for road compliance/range. Roof Spoiler for Better Aero and less drag
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    Real Photos & Videos

    Beyond Excited!!
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    Rivian may offer factory wraps

    ^^ Fully agree I don't mind paying if I think its worth the value. For wheels that are just "Black" powder coating a set coasts less than $3500 so its not worth it for me, but if a wrap is anywhere below $6k I would say its definitely worth it esepcially if its back by a factory warranty.
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    Cool Rivian Patent/TradeMark Info

    Tons of Great data recently but all in german, Does this hint at a European delivery ? An arrangement of two airbags, which are located in a respective seat back for two adjacent seats, is disclosed. The two air bags are designed to deploy in a central area between the two adjacent seats...