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    (Bed) size matters

    Correct. My worry is 188 cm rocketed skis are roughly 12 inches deep at the tips when together. I could likely do one corner low and one corner high to get them to fit . But I wouldn't be comfortable spending 90k if I wasn't sure they would fit. My math is not good enough to figure out a 3...
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    Rivian announces 7-Seat version with longer range

    I really wish they would just make the R1s 6 to 8 inches longer. They did it with the truck. It seems like a design flaw from day 1 to make the SUV shorter than the truck and have to compromise one of the main advantages (7 seats) to get max range
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    Launch Editions Fully Reserved. General Public Access to Rivian Configurator Begins 11/23 @ 9AM PST

    FWIW I sent Rivian an email telling them that I configured My R1s Adventure package because I wanted to wait for the big battery and was told that I will be in line for the max battery R1s once it is announced and still get priority based on my preorder date.
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    Rivian Launches New Website: Updated Prices, Launch Edition, Timing, Colors and More!

    When I went to configure I didn't see an option for the max battery and I don't want to preorder the 300 mile battery when I am willing to wait for the larger one. Will I lose my place in line if I don't configure? Or am I missing something. I only saw the 3 trim levels, and exterior and...
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    Rivian Launches New Website: Updated Prices, Launch Edition, Timing, Colors and More!

    Leaning towards cancelling my order. My hope was for a 180 kw R1s. I need a new SUV & was willing to wait though early 2022 but realistically the best case is probably a full 2 years out and that is with no hiccups in Rivian's production schedule. I think I will buy something else and revisit in...
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    Do you think that Rivian vehicles could get the same hate that Tesla owners sometimes deal with?

    I would think that where you live makes the biggest difference . I live in Washington State and I imagine I will get lots of thumbs up and positive vibes. If I lived in some parts of the Deep South I might be careful where I leave it parked
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    Tesla Battery Day

    I appreciate that RJ seems like a standup guy but don't you have to deliver to have a reputation for over delivering? I keep reading that Rivian will under promise /over deliver all of the time on this forum and talk is cheap and reputations need to be earned at least for me . I have a deposit...
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    R1S Top Design

    I actually wish it was longer so that I could have 3 rows and the big battery
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    White Rivian R1S real life pics (Lunar Rock interior)

    Unless there is some special glass treatment I don't see how. Reflected light on the windshield will absolutely cause glare.
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    White Rivian R1S real life pics (Lunar Rock interior)

    Thats the interior that I want though I worry about glare on the windshield with that light color dash. Hopefully the production version will have a darker color on the top
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    Lucid Air over 500 miles on a charge!

    I was hoping it would be closer to 100k which is my cap but I am glad a next gen EV is something that people will aspire to. It will help bolster the transition to EVs. I love the reclining rear seats . So sweet.
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    Our own "configurator" Thread

    White R1s with the grey/white combo that was at one of the shows. 185 or 135 kw battery. I haven't decided yet until I see some real world milage figures Electrochromatic Roof Premium Sound Tow package. roof rack Heads up display would be nice I am willing to deviate if it bumps me up the...
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    (Bed) size matters

    The point of a pickup is not to have to screw with a rack or a box. I ski 80 plus days a year and my box rides all winter on my Land Rover with my skis inside. If I had them on a rack where it rains 90 percent of the time my ski edges and bindings would get rusted in 2 weeks. Being able to throw...
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    (Bed) size matters

    Unfortunately no. Most skis are 180 plus.. I emailed them about it.
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    (Bed) size matters

    100 percent on a foot longer bed. Why I went with the R1s. If I can't even throw my skis in the bed then what's the point
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    Gear Tunnel and Frunk size

    Anyone know the frunk width? It would be awesome if it could hold golf clubs. I do an annual golf road trip with some friends and it I got the 3 row RS1 it would be a fantastic use of space
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    Preorder community will get exclusive early access to Rivian Configurator

    So I wonder if you could play around with different configurations to see what configuration will expedite delivery ? Hopefully Rivian will give us a some sort of guideline on which trims will be first produced
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    Adventure Van Anyone?

    Absolutely would love a Sprinter style EV van. Currently there are no 4wd Sprinter vans . There are 10s of thousands of skiers chomping at the bit for the ultimate ski safari van.
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    Gasp... pure touch interfaces aren't what consumers want

    I'm hopeful there will at least be an Alexa button or multifunctional button that queues Alexa on the steering wheel. My hope is that voice recognition software will improve enough that it can discriminate the drivers voice from music , conversation etc.
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    Video Feature: Long Way Up -- R1T's 13k mile all-electric journey from Patagonia to LA

    That video gives me trepidation more than stoke. Multiple shots of the car in a garage with wrenches and chipped up paint with shocks as well as the driver talking about getting bounced around on washboard roads. My Range Rover floats like a cloud over washboard roads. I know its a prototype...